Extant 2×8 Review: Arms and the Humanich

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This week’s episode of Extant had to be the most emotional since Season Two started. The battle with the Humanichs opened the hybrid’s eyes that they need a different approach to attack them in the future. Also Molly found out that she can’t trust everyone.

I knew the battle with the Humanichs wasn’t going to end well for the hybrids. Their mind control power doesn’t work on machines, and that was their downfall, combined with the hybrid killing virus General Tobias (David Morrissey) released in the battlefield.

I liked Molly (Halle Berry) trying to save anyone she could and even took a bullet for a child hybrid. Was it just me, or was the dialogue she said when JD Richter came to rescue her the same line Halle’s character spoke in Die Another Day?

It doesn’t matter whether you like Ahdu (Henderson Wade) or not, you can’t argue that the scene he shared with Molly under the stars was very emotional. Ahdu was a menace back in Season One and he ended up killing a lot of people as he continued to grow, but as the story explained, he didn’t know what he was doing in a world that was completely new to him. We got to know that Ahdu was kind-natured, and seeing him die because of the virus was heart-wrenching. I wasn’t expecting Molly’s son to die so soon this season.

The only real family she has left is Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) if you don’t take into account the countless hybrid grandchildren she’s got running around. I want Molly to reconnect with Ethan because they both need each other, especially Ethan, who is feeling confused about his feelings for humans.

extant 2x8 2Another character that kicked the bucket in “Arms and the Humanich” was Lucy (Kiersey Clemons). I really don’t know why she has it out for Molly. I think she wants to take away the link Ethan has with humans by getting rid of Molly. Kiersey played Lucy at her creepiest this week. Whenever she came on screen you could tell something bad was going to happen. She manipulated Charlie because she didn’t want to die and because of Ethan’s mistake almost succeeded in killing Julie (Grace Gummer). I’m a fan of Grace and while I want Julie to have something bad happen to her I don’t want her to die and not be part of the show anymore.

Lucy’s behavior opened Charlie and Julie’s eyes to the threat Humanichs can pose and I hope they have a contingency plan for the hundreds of machine soldiers they have created. All of them have Lucy’s conscious or programming installed in them and there’s a chance more of the machines might start acting like Lucy.

Near the end of the episode Molly, also infected with the virus, gave herself up to Tobias. Right now I have no idea where the story will go. I’m also not sure if Tobias will help Molly because he didn’t hesitate to have her killed in a drone strike or when he released the virus. There are still a couple of episodes left, and with the way things work in Extant anything can happen in the coming weeks!

Extant performed the usual ratings wise this week.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Extant? Why do you think Molly shouldn’t trust Terra? Will Tobias help Molly? Let us know!

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