Extant 2×2 Review: Morphoses

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Now that Extant has introduced new players in the season two premiere, this week’s episode – “Morphoses”- dived further into the mystery and delivered some very interesting scenes.

This season of Extant does feel different compared to the first one. The tone is faster and the stakes are higher. Last season showed a very confused Molly Woods (Halle Berry) and gave the audience a lot to take in. Characters on the show didn’t seem fazed by alien life and robots that looked like humans. The writers made a wise choice bringing in JD Richter (Jeffery Dean Morgan) this year. He’s the kind of character that audiences can relate to. I feel that people want to see characters on a show be skeptical about alien life forms and government conspiracies, and I feel JD can deliver all of that.

I knew Molly’s alien kid was still alive, and it was obvious he was the reason women were getting pregnant with alien babies. I don’t know what the endgame is. Does the alien want to repopulate his species on Earth? Does he want to live peacefully with the humans or make them go extinct?

Regardless what the answers are, there’s no doubt he’s a threat to the human population. He’s using women as incubators, and the babies kill their mothers by bursting out of them. Who knows how many alien babies are already on Earth. It’ll be interesting to see what Molly decides to do with them. Will she help kill or save them?

Another threat humanity will face are the new Humanich’s Julie (Grace Gummer) has been ordered to create. I know she’s doing everything to have some sort of control over John’s project and to protect Ethan (Pierce Gagnon). I was so angry when Julie reprogrammed Ethan and made him call her mom, but I guess she needed to do that or something to prevent him from destroying himself.

The show also gave Lucy a proper body this week, and I have to say I’m curious to see how she deals with the world. Will she try to become human like Ethan or will her programming force her to be used as a weapon? I have a prediction that Ethan’s ability to reprogram machines will help fight Humanich’s as the story continues.

extant 2x2 2I have no idea what’s happening to Molly this season. Even though she isn’t carrying another alien baby, she experienced migraines and black outs, which ended up changing her personality for bit. She also got a weird-looking rash on her arm she couldn’t stop scratching. Is Molly evolving into something other than a traditional human being? Only time will tell.

Also can we talk about General Tobias Shepard? I like David Morrissey in the role of a man who has to make very tough choices to save humanity. I wasn’t surprised to see him give the order for the drone attack even though Molly was in the targeted area. I could understand it was a very tough decision for him. I’m waiting for Molly, JD and General Tobias to be in the same room. That would be a very interesting scene to watch.

Quote of the Week:

“Are you so small minded that you can’t even consider the possibility that there is something else out there?” – Molly Woods

Are you enjoying the new season of Extant? What did you think of “Morphoses”? How will Molly survive the drone attack? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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