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  • The 100 4×03 Review: “The Four Horsemen”

    In true The 100 fashion, “The Four Horsemen” introduced a glimmer of hope and then cruelly snatched it away. But all may not yet be lost. The question is, do they have enough time? -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary

  • The 100 3×12 Review: “Demons”

    “Demons” was the first episode in a while that I have really, truly enjoyed, and maybe that was because of its return to the basic tenets of what made The 100 a great show: namely, the 100. “Demons” spent much of its time in Arkadia, with the remaining un-chipped members of Sky Crew raiding the empty […]

  • The 100 3×10 Review: “Fallen”

    The 100 continues its decline with “Fallen”, an episode that was frustrating and triggering and all around difficult to watch. Warning for so many triggers I’ve lost count: self-harm, torture, sexual assault, domestic abuse. I’m not sure which scene was harder to sit through – Alie forcing Raven to witness a torture montage of every […]

  • The 100 2×14 Review: Bodyguard of Lies

    Ladies and gentlemen, Clarke Griffin is bisexual! On last night’s episode of The 100, she and Lexa shared a [mutually consensual] kiss, and I feel like starting this review talking about anything else would be ridiculous. Earlier this week a promo featuring the kiss made the rounds and fandom exploded. I was waiting until the episode […]

  • The 100 2×12 Review: Rubicon

    In “Rubicon,” Mount Weather moved forward with their plans to harvest the trapped delinquents with little care for their health or safety, while also planning an attack on the massive inter-tribe war council convened by Clarke and Lexa. Meanwhile, Jaha and his followers are stranded in the Dead Zone with no water or supplies, only […]