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  • FEELINGS Daily: Bits and Pieces!

    Stephen Amell wants some Arrow/Supernatural crossover fic – well, that’s what he said at Kansas City’s Planet Comic Con! Apparently he “pitched something called fan-fiction live. I pitched an idea where we would take Arrow and Supernatural and write a fan-fiction crossover episode and do a live-reading.” Now that’s an idea I could get behind. […]

  • Orphan Black 2×08 Review: Variable and Full of Perturbation

    This episode was my absolute favorite episode of the season for one reason: Tony.   This show is unique in many ways.  It has a predominately female cast and several queer characters as part of the primary ensemble.  Orphan Black keeps pushing further in the realm of representation and has now introduced a transgender clone. There’s […]

  • Orphan Black 2×05 Review: Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est

    This week’s episode of Orphan Black revealed a lot about the history of DYAD and the inner workings of their politics.  There’s an odd power structure within the organisation filled with secrets, power plays, and divided loyalty.  Now that so many clones are self aware, the organization is teetering on the edge.  It’s like a […]

  • Orphan Black 2×4 Review: Governed As It Were By Chance

    This episode was very Sarah focused with a heavy side helping of Helena.  We didn’t see too much from either Alison or Cosima, but we did get enough to know that their individual plots are moving forward.  While both Alison and Cosima are dealing with their own life struggles, both Sarah and Helena are dealing […]

  • Orphan Black 2×3 Review: Mingling Its Own Nature With It

    It’s getting hard out there for the clones.  There are no less than three distinct groups after them at the moment.  You have the usual law enforcement, which is oddly the least threatening group of them all.  Then you have the freakish cult that is far too obsessed with fertility and biology that’s sending Helena’s […]