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  • Walking Dead News: Season 6 Finale Backlash, Ezekiel’s Tiger, & More

    We’re almost two months removed from The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, and the show won’t air again in October…but there’s still a lot of Walking Dead news crowding the Internet. WARNING: The following post contains Walking Dead news that involves slight spoilers for Season 7, as well as a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×16 Review: Last Day On Earth

    The first thing I said when I heard that The Walking Dead‘s season finale “Last Day On Earth” would be 90 minutes long (well, including commercials, of course) was, “I have a bad feeling about this.” WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead season six finale “Last Day on Earth” follow; additionally, please note that the […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×15 Review: East

    Is it me, or did “East” seem to be a very thrown-together episode of The Walking Dead? The episode opened with a very quick shot of a bullet hole in a windshield, a flat tire, and blood dripping onto the pavement – but this was such a small part of “East” (and it was so […]

  • We Have Our First Look at The Walking Dead’s True Big Bad: Negan!

    The Group on AMC’s The Walking Dead have survived quite a few threats – the Governor, Terminus, the Wolves…but nothing compares to the character who is known as The Walking Dead‘s True Big Bad: Negan. WARNING: Slight spoilers for what may come in the future on The Walking Dead, including regarding The Walking Dead‘s True […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×14 Review: Twice As Far

    I suppose the best thing I can say about “Twice As Far” is that at least at the end, things happened? That said, this is all still obviously a buildup to the season finale. Yes, “Twice As Far” eventually moved some things forward… I just wish they hadn’t taken so many steps back first. At […]

  • Steven Yeun Excited about Glenn Rhee Meeting Negan?

    Earlier today, EW reported that that Steven Yeun, who stars as Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead, thinks that Negan’s impending arrival is “awesome”. WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics as well as possible futures for the show follow. Seriously, do not continue reading if you have not read through almost all of the […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×13 Review: The Same Boat

    Before “The Same Boat” aired, I posted that I was taking bets on whether *anything* would happen in this episode…and while I wouldn’t say that absolutely nothing happened, it certainly seemed to cement my theory that they’re going to spend this and the next episode or two simply building up to the season finale. -Read […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×12 Review: Not Tomorrow Yet

    Well, if there’s one thing I can say about “Not Tomorrow Yet”, it’s that in this episode The Walking Dead really went out of its way to enforce the whole idea that no character is truly safe. Seriously, “Not Tomorrow Yet” was extremely heavy-handed on all accounts, though to be honest I think that I’ve […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×11 Review: Knots Untie

    For as much as “Knots Untie” explored many of the relationships in The Walking Dead, I feel like a lot of it bodes ill for some of our favorite characters. WARNING: Please note that this review includes spoilers for “Knots Untie” as well as some vague references to The Walking Dead comics. -Read our before […]