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  • New Avengers #8 Review: ‘Of Course, You Realize’

    Issue #8 of the New Avengers started the three-part All-New, All-Different Marvel Standoff tie-in for the young heroes in ‘Of Course, You Realize’. Loyalties were tested and the identity of the mole was finally revealed! -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The […]

  • New Avengers #6 Review: Happy Ever After

    New Avengers #6 brought the Moridun arc to a very satisfying conclusion. Wiccan saved the Marvel Universe again, and looked cool doing it! Even though I still don’t know how the current New Avengers roster came into being, I’ve been greatly enjoying the series. There’s a lot of focus on Wiccan and Hulkling in the […]

  • Wiccan and Hulkling enter LEGO Marvel’s Avengers!

    One of the most queer-inclusive Marvel superhero team, the Young Avengers, can be unlocked in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers video game! Play as Wiccan and Hulkling! I have been a fan of Young Avengers ever since the title’s debut, especially due to the team members Wiccan and Hulkling. While the new young characters were inspired by […]

  • New Avengers # 4 Review: The Gay King of Space!

    One of the best things about All-New, All-Different Marvel’s ‘New Avengers’ is the continued focus on the gay couple Wiccan and Hulkling. While Young Avengers is sadly no more, it is good to see Marvel putting the spotlight on a fan-favorite queer pairing. I was surprised when the Terrigen Mist causing the mutants to go extinct […]

  • LBGTQ+ Characters in Comic Books: Marvel Part I

    While TV shows have a long way to go when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation, comic books have indeed given people around the world some impressive characters that fall on various places of the rainbow. If you want to read or get to know more about the comics that feature such characters, then you have […]

  • Young Avengers 13 Review: Saved by the Power of Love!

    When Young Avengers came back for Marvel NOW! back in January 2013, I wasn’t expecting the series to be this amazing! The new roster and the main story arc really set the standard for other teenaged hero comic books. Young Avengers #13 marked the conclusion of the year long story arc and it was quite satisfying. […]