I Am Ready for the Disney+ “Vision and the Scarlet Witch” Series! Just Give Me Wiccan!

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Reportedly, the Wanda-centric Disney+ streaming series will be called Vision and the Scarlet Witch. While I understand certain fans not liking Vision’s name in there, I am looking forward to the series because I want Wiccan to debut already!

With the Loki solo series being fast-tracked, fans can look forward to Vision and the Scarlet Witch premiering on Disney+, too. I don’t like the name Disney+, but what can you do? Sigh!

Anyway, some fans aren’t happy with Vision being part of the streaming series. One of the reasons is because they don’t want the Vision and Wanda romance being in the forefront. I understand the frustration, because a Wanda-centric series which focuses on the magical side of the MCU without any romantic entanglements with Vision does sound very cool.

However, I think the streaming series has both Vision and Wanda in it is because TPTB want to set up things for a live-action adaptation of the House of M comic book event and then lead to the debut of the Young Avengers. Laying the groundwork for the House of M story in a streaming series will give writers more time to do things right instead of trying to cram everything in a couple of films.

Whether the series ends up being called Vision and the Scarlet Witch, Scarlet Witch and the Vision or The Witch and the Android, I don’t care as long as we get Wiccan, the gay Demiurge!

Having Wiccan can help connect a number of characters. He created the world America Chavez is born in. The Demiurge also created Oshtur, which Storm is supposed to be an incarnation or at least a descendant of. And Oshtur gave birth to Agamotto and everything else related to Dr. Strange.

Having one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe be gay, and whose fiance is the destined King of Space, is going to do wonders for queer representation in the superhero realm, something the MCU severely lacks in. So, get on it, Marvel!

Are you looking forward to Vision and the Scarlet Witch? Let us know.

(via Deadline)

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