Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode Recap: Chaos Rising


Teen Wolf continued this week with their aptly titled second episode, “Chaos Rising”. It was an emotional rollercoaster of an episode, with a lot of that darkness they promised us and some intriguing reveals and mysteries set up.

We begin with Allison and Lydia still trying to figure out what their matching arm wounds mean, before begrudgingly accepting that they’re gonna have to ask for help. Stiles and Scott, presumed sources of said help, are busy making their way to the crazy high school birthday party of Stiles’ childhood friend Heather. Heather has turned seventeen and wants to celebrate by losing her virginity, and Stiles with his new hair is looking like her best option. Stiles abandons Scott and makes his way down to the wine-cellar (because yeah, what a great place to have sex) for some uninhibited virginity-losing shenanigans. But after a quick dash upstairs for some XXL condoms, Stiles comes back to find that his lady acquaintance has disappeared mysteriously. Or rather not mysteriously, because she actually got dragged out of the window by some kind of invisible wine-exploding force. So that’s not good.

It’s cute that you thought you were actually going to lose your virginity during the run of this show.

Elsewhere, Derek has set up new headquarters in some jank industrial loft. It looks too much like the burnt-out shell of his childhood home for it to really be considered “moving on”, but it’s progress. Derek and Isaac complain about having to work with crazy Uncle Peter, who swaggers in and chides them on talking shit about him behind his back. So they tell them how much they hate him to his face. But if there’s one thing Peter loves, it’s sass, so he ignores their rudeness and gets to work doing what he came there to do. Which is to shove his horrible, unmanicured werewolf claws into Isaac’s neck to try and tap into his repressed memories (the ones from last episode). Peter catches a glimpse of Boyd and Erica and some other stuff, but he can’t figure out what exactly he’s seeing. Except he does see enough to know that our two missing wolves are in mortal peril. Bummer.

Later, at school, Derek (how do you keep getting in to their school?), Allison, Scott, Stiles and Lydia meet up to discuss the mysterious bruises. Derek’s being especially obtuse, as he brushes the bruises off as mere coincidence and tells Allison and Lydia to come back when they’ve got something real. I facepalm and hope that one day, Derek will stop monumentally effing things up with his genre blindness. Derek and Allison get into a verbal spar about Allison’s murderin’ mom, but put their animosity aside for the time being.

Cut to Coach Finstock’s economics class, where he’s patronizingly teaching the kids the concept of “risk and reward” by playing a risk game with them. After a super awkward mishap involving the XXL condom in Stiles’ pocket, the Sheriff shows up to ask his son about the disappearance of Heather. Has anyone else in the class noticed that there are certain people who are constantly being pulled out because of criminal circumstances? No? Okay. Stiles obviously knows nothing about what happened to her, but the Sheriff remains somewhat suspicious. Back in class, beautiful, perfect Danny plays the risk game and wins, proving once again that he is a god among men.

In the library, Allison and Lydia are researching local logos that resemble their mark. Or rather, Allison is researching and Lydia is scoping out the Alpha twins. She, with her incredible gaydar, immediately picks out the straight one. The gay one makes a beeline straight for Danny. When Allison turns around to check on everything, everyone is happily mingling.

Out of all the werewolves they could have used for this plot line, it had to be the abuse survivor.

Later (what is the time frame on this show anyway?), the wolves meet up with Dr. Deaton to try something to further jog poor Isaac’s repressed memories. That something is to dunk him in a tub of ice water and slow down his heart enough to enter a trance-like state. I once again object to the use of the formally abused werewolf as a guinea pig, but the plan seems to work as Isaac switches between thrashing wildly and being completely zen in his ice bath. He explains what he sees, that Boyd is locked in an abandoned bank (the Alpha’s new headquarters). And then he says that Erica was there too. But now she’s dead. I think my feelings about that particular detail are best saved for another article, but let me just say, I’m not happy about it. Not at all. 

Derek and co. are understandably upset but this revelation, but their main focus is to spring Boyd out, since there’s still hope for them. They begin to plan a crazy Ocean’s Eleven-esque action heist to get into the bank, Peter snarking at them the entire time. There’s a humorous Sterek moment thrown in, but I can’t be happy about it because Erica is dead.

[Elvis Presley Heist Remix Plays in the Distance]
Meanwhile, Allison has figured out everything already and walks right into the Alpha headquarters through the front door. She’s immediately accosted by Miss Morrell, who shoves her into a closet and tells her not to come out until all the fighting is over. Allison’s almost caught by Kali, the hippie barefoot wolf, but she manages to cover her scent with a bottle of ammonia or something. However, further investigation of the closet reveals that she’s not alone. Erica’s beaten and presumably dead body is there too. I rage. Oh, do I rage. 

Boyd and an unknown She-Wolf are trapped inside the bank vault when Derek and Scott literally come crashing through the wall like The Incredible Hulk. However, they realize too late when they receive a frantic phone call from Stiles (and Peter) that they’ve walked into a trap. Boyd and the She-Wolf are starved on moonlight and will attack indiscriminately! And what’s even more dramatic is that Derek recognizes the She-Wolf. It’s his baby sister Cora, long thought dead! Holy shit! And as if things couldn’t get any crazier, Miss Morrell sneaks up behind them and finishes off the circle of mountain ash surrounding them, effectively trapping them in with two rabid werewolves. She then saunters off with the blind leader wolf, Deucalion. Things look terrible for Derek and Scott until Allison shows up and saves their bacon by breaking the line, but   by doing so allows Boyd and Cora to escape. Derek and Allison bicker once more, with the conversation circling back around to her mom. Derek pressures Scott to tell Allison what her mom was up to last season before he bit her (she was attempting to murder Scott).

We don’t see Allison’s reaction though. Instead we cut to Lydia. She’s sleeping. Until she wakes up, screaming bloody murder. Not again.

What did you guys think? This episode raised a lot of questions. How did Derek’s little sister Cora survive the fire and why didn’t she make herself known to Derek and Laura? Is Miss Morrell on the Alpha Pack’s side or is she running a con on them? What’s going on with Lydia now? Why is Danny perfect? What happened to Heather? And is Erica really dead?

While some of these plot points seem a little contrived, I’m interested in seeing where they go. It looks like Boyd and Cora are going to be on an unstoppable rampage next week, and I hope Derek and co. can manage to stop them before they do some serious damage. It looks like things are gonna get even more insane from here on out, so hang on tight. I’ll see you next week!

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  1. I guess that “there will be no Boyd or Erica this season” thing was a load of crap. Of this I am thankful. Looking forward to Erica coming back too now that we have Boyd.

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