The 100 at SDCC 2017: Time Jumps, Boo

The 100 at SDCC 2017
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Last year, The 100 was one of my favorite panels at San Diego Comic-Con. This year, I had to miss it because of press obligations. But don’t worry! I found a panel recap so I can bring you guys all the news from The 100 at SDCC 2017.

In case you’ve forgotten, the season 4 finale ended with a flash forward; season 5 will start 6 years after Praimfaya, which means that we’ll see some big changes. “Relationships will be unkindled, rekindled”, and it will feel like a big reset for every character. I’m not too thrilled with the idea of a “reset”, and as someone who is generally very opposed to time jumps, this is what has me worried the most. Time jumps are often a way to zoom past actually writing convincing character or relationship development, instead just giving showrunners free reign to move to a point in time when all of that’s done, and here’s the result. I waffled on The 100‘s time jump quite a bit in my review of the season finale, and I’m still not sure I’m okay with it, but that’s what we’re getting.

Also, I’m worried about these “unkindled, rekindled” relationships. Like I said, with a time jump we won’t be able to see these relationships develop naturally. At least for me, that makes new pairings difficult to swallow. So I hope we’ll just see flashbacks or montages of things that happened and not have to deal with, say, someone suddenly being married. (And no babies! My roundtable in the press room firmly agreed that we do not want any babies. Nothing turns me off a show faster than unexpected babies.)

In the The 100 at SDCC 2017 panel Jason Rothenberg did mention that we’ll see some development in Raven and Murphy’s relationship, which Lindsey Morgan and Richard Harmon both seemed excited about but couldn’t go into too much depth, considering much of the season hasn’t even been written yet. This kind of stuff intrigues me; the idea that characters who never really spent much time together are suddenly forced to. I’m interested in how the dynamics worked on the Ring (but again, no babies), and how alliances may have shifted. For example, as much as I love Bellamy and Clarke and their partnership, I can see how that would have changed, what with him thinking she’s been dead for six years. Lindsey is very eager for Raven to bond with Emori and Echo, while Eliza Taylor talked about how Clarke’s priorities have shifted now that she’s got Maddie to worry about.

With so little of the season actually written, naturally we don’t have a lot in the way of news about season 5 from The 100 at SDCC 2017. Even the SDCC sizzle reel only showed glimpses of what we can expect when the show returns this winter. But everyone seems to be pretty excited about it, so I’m cautiously optimistic for the moment.

The 100 will return to the CW for season 5 sometime in 2018.

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