The First Family of Superheroes Returns: ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Review


So the new Fantastic Four trailer dropped today and yet, there has been pretty much nothing said or released about the film since it wrapped last year.

I have to say, I wasn’t very excited for this trailer for a myriad of reasons. Firstly, just like the new Spider-Man and X-Men films, the rights to the Fantastic Four are not reverting to Marvel Studios. This has already happened with a number of titles, Daredevil being the most notable. I know the other studios want to cash in on the superhero market but I’m a big believer in quality over quantity, and non-Marvel Studios Marvel movies do not reflect that in my opinion.

Secondly, like the three franchises that are outside of Marvel Studios, the feeling I get from them is not cohesive with the MCU feel. To me, they feel more like DC properties in their tone and lighting (Spider-Man is somewhat in the middle). There is a big divergence in styles and storytelling between the two comic giants, and this goes back to quality and faithfulness to the material. Yes, Marvel doesn’t ritually stick to the comic canon for the MCU, but they at least have a better translation and update for their properties. Do we really need to make everyone in the X-Men and Fantastic Four movies younger to relate to the audience? No. Tumblr proves that. People’s Sexiest Man Alive (Chris Hemsworth) proves that. Any single MCU actor or actress proves that. Age, gender, and race are non-issues as long as the writing and acting is spot on. Though I’ve been hesitant with some MCU casting, I have never been disappointed once I have seen them in action. The same cannot be said for X-Men, Spider-Man, and now Fantastic Four.

Enough ranting, though, as I would like to discuss the trailer. It’s quite dark, and somewhat reminds me of the film Sunshine, though I doubt it will be that good. The cast seems solid, though I still do not agree with making everyone younger. There was talk recently of the film itself being unwatchable and more like Chronicle 2, rather than a new film. In the trailer we have Reg E. Cathey (Dr. Storm) providing the voice over as we see glimpses of Miles Teller (Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (Susan Storm / Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm / Human Torch), and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm / The Thing). We also see the costumes for Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch briefly, as well as a rocky body, which could only belong to the Thing. I swear I saw springs and vents on them. I’m just hoping they provide some practical purpose.

10898073_10100513913462962_5492752936005482869_nThere isn’t much of a synopsis available for the film (which opens August 7th), but it will be an origin story if the pods shown in the trailer are anything to go by. Honestly, having sat through the cartoons, two previous films, and reading various comic versions, the first family of superheroes needs proper treatment. I’m also quite upset with the Civil War storyline rearing its head in the upcoming Marvel’s Captain America 3 (which starts filming soon) as I believe that whole sections of that storyline will falter (we don’t even have Spider-Man as a part of it either). Then again, “In Marvel We Trust”. Regardless, like Ant-Man, I will reserve judgement until I go see it, but I am not holding my breath.


Author: Bandit

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1 thought on “The First Family of Superheroes Returns: ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Review

  1. Well considering this is the Fantastic Four from the Ultimate universe this lines up with their version of the team, mostly. They were younger in the comics too. I did not enjoy the Ultimate FF as it tried so hard to not be like the regular Marvel version. Especially the direction they took with a certain character. I love Josh Trank but this does look like Chronicle 2.

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