Geekiary News Briefs! James Gunn Back For GotG Vol 3, Netflix Cancels ODAAT, & More!

Geekiary News James Gunn back for GotG Vol 3, Queer Eye 3 Netflix and more
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Welcome to the latest Geekiary News Briefs! We will be covering James Gunn working with Disney/Marvel for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, Netflix canceling One Day at a Time, fans shipping Thor and Captain Marvel, Rotten Tomatoes review verification, and more!

The James Gunn firing debacle occurred last year. While some fans weren’t happy with Disney’s decision to fire him, they did understand why The House of Mouse had to take such a step due to it being a family-oriented studio. However, turns out Disney never fired James Gunn. It was all a lie to keep backlash away from Disney?

I wonder what will happen to Guardians of Galaxy Volume 3 now. Will people still support James Gunn? Will Chris Pratt’s problematic religious stance harm the film’s performance more than Gunn’s involvement?

I’m not a fan of the GotG film franchise or Pratt. So, I don’t care that much. Let’s see what happens at the box office when the time comes.

YouTuber Grace Randolph did an informative breakdown of the James Gunn situation.

Due to the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer, fans are shipping Thor and Captain Marvel as friends. I hope the two are able to team-up in the upcoming movie and showcase their power together. Make sure to read our review of Captain Marvel.

Captain marvel Thor Twitter

Rotten Tomatoes is looking to make some changes. The website might put in place stricter verification for reviews. It makes sense for RT to do so considering certain angry fanboys who are ready to bash a film without watching it.

Coming to the DC side of things, for some reason, Patty Jenkins doesn’t want Wonder Woman 84 to be considered a sequel. The good sis needs to chill because we all know it is a sequel.

As for Netflix, the streaming platform decided to cancel One Day at a Time after three seasons and gave the most flimsy excuses for ending a much-beloved show.

Queer Eye season 3 is currently available if you want some positivity in your life.

Is anyone watching Love, Death & Robots? It looks very interesting.

What is your opinion about James Gunn working with Disney? Are you an ODAAT fan? Let us know.

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