The Legend of Korra 3×12 & 3×13 Review: ‘Enter the Void’ and ‘The Venom of the Red Lotus’


The two-part Legend of Korra Book 3: Change finale was the best of the entire series. The show grew with the audience and by handling more mature themes, Book 3 was able to outshine the previous ones. Zaheer and his group were finally defeated and the new airbenders brought about a change in the world.

The first episode of the finale “Enter the Void” set things up for the final battle between Zaheer and Korra. After capturing the airbenders in the previous episode, Zaheer told Korra to surrender herself. I was glad that Tenzin wasn’t dead after his fight with the Red Lotus. Team Korra tried to outsmart the antagonists but failed.

The best part of the episode was the fight between P’Li and the Beifong sisters. The choreography during the fight was amazing and Lin and Suyin worked perfectly as a team. I wasn’t expecting P’Li to die so soon. However, it had to be done because her death finally allowed Zaheer to let go of his earthly bonds and fly. Zaheer getting the ability to fly was a prediction I made the moment he talked about an airbender able to do so thousands of years ago. I think in Book 4 Korra will be able to achieve such a feat as well.

Talking about new powers, Bolin finally lavabended, another thing I predicted when Ghazan was introduced. How Bolin’s lava powers worked wasn’t explained. I think he’s just able to control lava rather than create it and needs more training to perfect it. Giving Bolin such a power up really worked in Team Korra’s favor.

The second episode of the finale “The Venom of the Red Lotus” was where the major stuff happened. Zaheer had Korra chained inside the cave and his plan was revealed. According to him the Red Lotus was all about maintaining the true state of nature which was chaos. They wanted to kill Korra in her Avatar state and end the cycle of Avatars. I liked how the episode showed the antagonists from the previous books. We saw Aman from Book 1 along with Unalaq and Vatuu from Book 2. Vatuu represents darkness in the series and it made sense that he was present inside the Red Lotus members.10636236_285597808290694_6156364915927644856_n

The final battle occurred between Zaheer and Korra along with Ming-Hu and Ghazan vs. Bolin and Mako. I have always thought that in order to take out Ming-Hua someone would have to electrocute her. I was expecting Asami to do it but it was Mako who took the waterbender out with his lightning attack. Ghazan basically committed suicide and Bolin and Mako were able to escape his attack.

Zaheer’s and Korra’s fight reminded me of the battle Aang and Ozai had back in Avatar: The Last Airbender finale. The direction was amazing and I liked how the camera followed Zaheer while he flew and attacked Korra.

I don’t know about you all but Korra has to be one of the best female characters ever created in the animated world. Her development was perfect this season. The writers didn’t focus on forced romances and allowed her to grow on her own. By the end of the episode she was a mess. She was clearly broken from the inside. However, she still looked strong to me. She had survived a lot of hardships over the years and all of that had made her strong.

10418466_285597911624017_73406446699505031_nWith Korra still recovering from her injuries, both spiritual and physical, the new airbenders stepped up to maintain balance in the world. After rescuing Korra from Zaheer, Jinora was finally made an airbending master and with her shaved head she looked exactly like Aang.

With more secret members of the Red Lotus still present around the world I think Book 4 will focus on them and the hardships the airbenders will face trying to help everyone. Toph also needs to make an appearance and I think she will in Book 4. I’m also waiting for a Zuko, Toph, and Katara reunion. It needs to happen!

What did you think of Legend of Korra Book 3: Change finale? Do you think it will take long for Korra to recover or was the damage permanent? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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3 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra 3×12 & 3×13 Review: ‘Enter the Void’ and ‘The Venom of the Red Lotus’

  1. awesome review! that finale was amazing, but heartbreaking (Jinora`s Cerimony has made me a tearbender…)! But I need to say I still expected more from Avatar Korra (less confusion and more atitude). Can`t wait the days for the last Season =(

    1. Yes you are right…The Red Lotus were quite in control of everything that was happening in the book…they were the ones making the major moves…really excited for Book 4 and what it has in store for Korra..she has really gone through so much!

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