Snowpiercer 1×08 Review – ‘These Are His Revolutions’

these are his revolutions snowpiercer episode 8 review
Melanie in ‘These Are His Revolutions’ (Image: Screengrab)

With only two more episodes left in Snowpiercer season one, ‘These Are His Revolutions’ was a very action-heavy offering. Everything came crashing down around Melanie, and it will be interesting to see how (and if) she will be able to showcase her importance to everyone.

I was provided a free screener of ‘These Are His Revolutions’ for review. The opinions I have shared are my own. 

This episode opened with a voiceover from Ruth. We know that Ruth strongly believes in Mr. Wilford. Her mission is to please him and play her role in making Snowpiercer comfortable for the First Class. She’s also not happy about how many people (especially the Tailies) continue to be ungrateful for what the train offers them. When you think about it, there’s no need for the Snowpiercer to continue having hundreds of Tailies onboard. But you also can’t simply kill all of them, right? Melanie’s been trying to handle said dilemma for years. I feel sorry for her.

 Now, while I don’t agree with all of the choices Melanie has made, I can (kind of) understand them. The previous episodes have made it clear that a minor mistake has the potential to destroy the entire train. Trying to keep the remains of humankind alive on a moving train is a delicate balancing act and each episode has shown Melanie edging nearer to losing her balancing skills.

‘These Are His Revolutions’ showed Melanie being confronted by the entire First Class residents as well as Nolan’s security team. LJ’s the one who shared information about Mr. Wilford not being in Snowpiercer and how Melanie’s been running operations from the start. With Melanie waiting for her execution, I’m looking forward to seeing how she can save herself. I mean, the passengers do know they can’t run the train without her, right? Or will their thirst for revenge overlook how essential Melanie is?

I greatly enjoyed Ruth’s interaction with Melanie. The acting was amazing in that particular scene. As mentioned, Ruth’s a firm believer in Mr. Wilford. As far as she’s concerned, Melanie lied about her creating the train. All Ruth heard was how Melanie left Mr. Wilford trackside when it was time for the train to leave and now Melanie will have to pay for killing him.

The rest of the episode dealt with Layton leading a revolution. For his plan to succeed he had to make the Tailies and the Third Class citizens work together. With the First Class knowing that Mr. Wilford wasn’t on the train, the rich were going to seize power and Layton wasn’t going to allow that.

It was clear from the beginning that people were going to die in Snowpiercer. So, it wasn’t a surprise that this episode featured a lot of deaths. The action sequences were quite gory and I enjoyed every blood-soaked moment. And you know what? The war isn’t over yet. That’s why I’m prepared for even more deaths in the remaining two episodes.

Snowpiercer has already been renewed for another season. Yay!

What did you think of ‘These Are His Revolutions’? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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