Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×123 Review – Urashiki Returns

Urashiki Returns Boruto anime 123 review
Shinki and Boruto in ‘Urashiki Returns’ (Image: Screengrab)

Even though I enjoyed the battle that occurred in ‘Urashiki Returns,’ I can’t ignore how the writers are dragging the current arc. Also, the writing team continues to depower certain characters to make Boruto shine.

Even though the episode was titled ‘Urashiki Returns,’ we only got to see him during the closing moments. The rest of the runtime was dedicated to Temari, Shikadai, and Boruto working together to take down the final puppet. I liked seeing Temari showcasing a couple of her Wind-Style jutsus. However, the fact that none of her powers were able to take down a single puppet made no sense to me.

How durable was this puppet supposed to be? Temari isn’t a weak ninja. Her jutsus pack a punch and are great for long to mid-distance battles. She has been shown to destroy large areas without much effort. So, what was the deal with the puppet’s durability in ‘Urashiki Returns’?

Also, the fact that Boruto’s mini Rasengan was able to destroy it (when none of Temari’s jutsus could cut away a single limb) made no sense. It was another unfortunate example of the writers wanting to make Boruto look stronger by downplaying the rest of the cast. The Sand Siblings (Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro) are supposed to be formidable. But this week’s episode made them feel like any other mediocre Jonin-level ninja. It was disappointing.

Again, I’m not against Boruto growing powerful. He and his friends should continue to hone their skills. But downplaying other characters (whom we know aren’t weak) to allow Boruto to save the day isn’t doing the young ninja any favors.

I did enjoy the moment where Shikadai used his mother’s fan as well as one of her jutsus. But my enjoyment wasn’t enough to ignore the other issues in the current narrative.

Let’s see what Sasuke is able to do when he finally returns.

What did you think of ‘Urashiki Returns’? Let us know.

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