Premium PC Gaming Peripheral Line Up Revealed by Velocilinx

Velocilinx boudica collection
The Boudica Collection (Image: PR)

If you’re a gamer, you need the hardware to match your gaming interests. Hardware developer Velocilinx has revealed an all-new Warrior line of premium PC gaming hardware. Take note, this will be Velocilinx first foray into PC gaming electronics. So, let’s see how it goes for them.

The new line by Velocilinx includes two distinct collections. Each contains “esports ready peripherals, built with premium materials including mice, keyboards, and headsets.”

One of the most interesting things about the collection is Velocilinx seeking inspiration from “warriors of old.”

We are very excited to be bringing these products to market,” said Kathleen Murray, President of Global Sales & Chief Creative Officer. “Each product in the Warrior line has been carefully crafted to maximize the gamer experience in several areas, including durability, performance, and design. Sourcing the highest quality materials for our gaming products makes them more comfortable and durable. Delivering functionality like our short cut ‘Veloci-key’ for gaming keyboards, the Triple Fire button for mice, and the 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound for headsets is just a few of our answers to increasing performance. In addition, we also added our exclusive Prism lighting effects to excite the senses. We feel the Warrior line will have options which appeal to everyone who is serious about their gaming peripherals.”

We sat down with gamers directly and asked them what they wanted from their hardware,” Said John Dimovski, President and CEO of Velocilinx. “Our lineup fills the need for reliable high-performance products that also have an affordable price point. For us we want our customers to get extreme value, and by building our products with no expense spared, gamers can focus on the game rather than worrying about what they are gaming with.”

Let’s go over the collections!

The Boudica Collection

Velocilinx’s “silver and white” gaming collection has been inspired by the legend of Boudica. She’s a Celtic Queen who led a revolt against the Romans. She resolved to win or die, with slavery not being an option. Her warrior spirit empowered her people to rise up with her.

At Velocilinx, this inner fire lives within every gamer and consider Boudica a perfect representation of what the brand stands for— leadership, power, and perseverance.

The Boudica collection includes a silver 10K DPI color changing gaming mouse featuring a unique exposed “moon sphere” design with 5 programmable buttons, a silver and white adjustable dual metal band headset with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, and a powerful USB mechanical gaming keyboard with Outemu Blue switches.

The Boudica keyboard features modern white and silver accents, the exclusive PolyGlow orbital edge lighting, 18 preset Prism color-changing lighting modes and a Veloci-Key that provides quick access to 8 preset DPI modes. It also features a customizable keymapping mode for special gaming modes. The entire collection boasts an ergonomic, modern design for hours of comfortable gaming at an elite level.

Velocilinx Collection
The Brennus Collection (Image: PR)

The Brennus Collection

The inspiration for the black and gunmetal collection is derived from the historical legend of the Gallic King Brennus who was a warrior that invaded and defeated the Romans. His sack of Rome in 390 B.C. was recorded in history as the worst disaster of the early Roman Republic.

The Brennus collection includes the sleek black 5-programmable button, 10K DPI color changing gaming mouse. The collection also features a black, adjustable dual metal band headset with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound as well as a powerful black gunmetal USB mechanical gaming keyboard with Outemu Blue switches.

The Brennus keyboard has 17 preset Prism Lighting modes for RGB color changing effects and 10 fully customizable gaming modes, 5 of which are preset for popular games. Each peripheral in the Brennus collection features durable, high-quality materials with precision controls and elegant lighting effects for an immersive gaming experience.

Velocilinx mouse
The Tyr Mouse (Image: PR)

The Tyr Mouse

Velocilinx’s esports tournament-grade mouse was inspired by the Norse God of War, Tyr. Mythical Viking legends tell of Norse warriors evoking Tyr to empower them to destroy their enemies and bring justice to the land. Velocilinx’s TYR puts the power to destroy your enemies in the palm of your hand.

The fully customizable six-button, TYR elite gaming mouse is a tournament-grade mouse with up and down easily adjustable DPI buttons. It’s ergonomic design also features a Multi-Fire button for triple shots from a single press to maximize performance. Vibrant Prism lighting effects and black and silver accents bring unique design style to the Tyr mouse while allowing gamers to set the RGB color to their unique gaming personality.

The “Warrior” line of gamer-focused esports-ready peripherals from Velocilinx is now available for the first time at Staples.

For more information on Velocilinx, do visit the official site.

As a big PC gamer, I have to say the new collection looks stunning. I also like how the company was okay with using an impressive Queen to inspire one of the collections.

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