“Will & Grace” Is Back After 10 Years With An Important Message!

Will and Grace Reunion

Will & Grace is back after 10 years. The cast from the show shared a very important message.

The cast from the hit TV show have been posting a lot of pictures together on social media. Of course fans around the world immediately hoped for the return of the show. While I also thought a new season of the comedy series could be announced, I wasn’t holding my breath. The series finale did end things in a great way, so I wasn’t sure where the story would pick up from. But then this this happened!

The whole thing reads, “A band of heroes Will assemble to protect the world from aliens & destruction. Only an act of Grace can save them in their battle for what Is right. Only they can bring America Back from the brink.”

However, if you only read the letters in red it spells out “Will & Grace is back.” Near the end you can hear Megan Mullally speak the words “Trump!” and “Make America bueno again!” in her iconic Karen-voice.

A lot of people out there speculated that the message had to do with the current political scenario in the U.S. Maybe Will and Grace, along with Karen and Jack, will be back in order to urge the LGBTQ+ population to vote? Well, turns out they were right.

After posting the message, a video was released a few hours later. Check it out!


Will & Grace ran for eight seasons on NBC from 1998-2006. It was considered to be a trailblazing TV show during its time. The show still holds an important place in the queer community. From the video you can see that the characters can still be relevant in today’s time. It would be awesome if the show came back for a mini-series or something similar.

Are you a fan of Will & Grace? What do you make of the new scene? Let us know!

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