Teen Wolf 6×20 Review: The Wolves of War

Teen Wolf Wolves of War Review Sterek

It’s finally over, everybody! Teen Wolf aired its series finale with ‘The Wolves of War.’ And if the TV Gods are feeling kind, this franchise will remain dead until Jeff Davis is nowhere near it.

There’s nothing in the Teen Wolf series finale for me to review. ‘The Wolves of War’ is just filled with retcons and stupidity so the characters can move from Point A to Point B. This has always been a problem with this show. The audience loves the characters but instead of making Teen Wolf character-centric, Jeff ended up making the series plot-centric. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, etc. are just reacting to the next big bad thrown at them. There’s nothing pro-active about this group of main characters.

Anyway, coming to ‘The Wolves of War,’ with it being the series finale, of course, there was going to be a shipping war. Fans were looking forward to seeing which character ended up with whom. Turns out that Scaliugh is still a thing and so are Mason and Corey.

As for Sterek and Stydia. Well, Sterek always wins and it did again in the finale. Regardless, of whether Jeff officially acknowledges the pairing on the show or not, the Stereks just need content to fuel their impressive creativity and they got it!

Even Holland Roden joined the fun. She’s always been a Sterek-shipper and may she be blessed for that.

Now, I get that the Stydias (at least judging from the tweets I read) aren’t happy. But at this point, I have no sympathy for them. The Stereks have been warning them about Jeff and his pettiness for years now. Lydia and Stiles didn’t kiss each other or even have a little conversation showing that those two are still a couple. During the final scene, Scott had his arm around Maliugh, and Stiles had both hands inside his jacket’s pockets even though Lydia’s walking right next to him.

The Stydia fans will move toward another hetero-pairing on some other TV show soon enough. So, I guess, not getting the intimate Stydia scenes they thought they ‘deserved’ (because it was a hetero-pairing) won’t have much of an impact on them.

The only person Lydia was happy to see was Jackson. She ran right into his arms! It was followed by a stupid conversation about Lydia always knowing that Jackson wasn’t straight but that felt like an actual conversation that might have occurred between Holland and Colton.

Now, I could talk about how ‘The Wolves of War’ showed the FBI let Stiles be bridal carried away from gunfire by a suspected mass murderer (Tyler and Dylan have probably done this before!) or how Jackson still has a Kanima tail but it just doesn’t matter anymore. This show is done and so is my interest in calling out its problematic themes and retcons. I’m better off watching Shahs of Sunset at this point.

So, what’s next for everyone? Jeff Davis is still talking about a reboot. He wants Tyler Posey to be like Professor X and mentor young supernatural beings. Jeff’s also working on a War of the Worlds retelling for MTV. Someone stop him!

Tyler Posey has been cast on MTV’s Scream. The fun thing about this announcement is that The Hollywood Reporter first mentioned Tyler Hoechlin in their article and then quickly corrected it to Posey. I guess they heard an actor named Tyler from Teen Wolf will be part of Scream and went with the good one!

Sterek Image Hobrien
Image Credit: Farid-ul-Haq
Sterek Teen Wolf Season 6b trailer
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Dylan O’Brien has his successful movie career. Holland will be starring in the Channel Zero series. Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes have a movie together. Crystal Reed will be appearing in Gotham.

As for Jeff wondering if all my Sterek dreams came true, well, they did a long time ago thanks to the Sterek fandom!

What did you think of Teen Wolf’s finale? Feel free to share your thoughts about ‘The Wolves of War’!

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7 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 6×20 Review: The Wolves of War

  1. Derek Hale the alpha werewolf will always live in my heart, also the young man Stiles that crept in there with him. #eternalsterek

    1. Ugh! Jeff Davis, lol…I wonder what his next project will be and if he’ll come back to social media to promote it ^^

  2. I actually liked the finale (I said liked, not love), but a good part of that was because it was the last episode. Overall despite all of the bad about it (and there was plenty of it) at least if finally moved towards the end of the plot. And I always appreciate Coach’s little moments of heroism. I guess the Anuki-ite (and I am glad for this) either didn’t care about his fear or maybe the coach didn’t have any (I guess it is possible that he was turned to stone and then released like everyone else and just said screw it). I think it was a mixed bag overall, but a lot of that is because I have learned to avoid ships like they were the titanic and leave them to fan-fiction, and logic left for me a long time ago with some things.

    I do agree about Jeff though. If the show does get a reboot either seasons 1-3a Jeff/writers or new writers should be involved. But my biggest gripe about the finale, Monroe escaped. There will always be hunters, why does the world’s least motivated (as far as actual motive) villain get to continue her extermination of all supernaturals because they saved her life indirectly by not saving her? You would think they murdered her entire family, which would have been a better writing choice in my opinion because it would be easier to have some empathy for her as opposed to being annoyed. But I’ll stop here before I end up writing a full article because like I said, there was a lot to be annoyed with.

  3. I didn’t watch the episode, but I’ve seen a ton of clips for it. I caught the gist of it from your review, so thanks very much for taking the bullet and watching it it for me 🙂

    I did watch one episode of 6B and that was the last one that Will Wallace had written for, and I did think he did quite a good job of identifying the season’s theme of “othering” in that episode. I really couldn’t follow some of the plot, and it probably helped that I didn’t even bother, but the theme was well promoted by the dialog and scenes.

    The finale looks like it lost all of that effort and just rushed to create some sentimental drivel to sign off the series with.

    There’s been quite a bit of stir in fandom about “Sterek-y” scenes, inspiring fandom with many more stories and artwork. That is a win for fandom as far as I’m concerned, which, as much as it pains me to say, could actually be viewed as a gift from Jeff Davis. (I think I just threw up in my mouth typing that out!). It appears that the Stiles/Lydia relationship came off very flat indeed, without any effort to solidify that as a firm paring. With my shipping glasses on, I feel that was also an intentional nod to the Sterek shippers. Stiles and Lydia may well be canon, but it’s been presented in a way that is very easy to overlook. Scott and Malia, surprisingly, did not appear to be as hurl-worthy, as I thought it might be.

    But, taking my shipper goggles off and looking at this show, just as a gay person watching it without any fandom influence – I find the show to be completely unsatisfying. It is clear that Jeff Davis did nothing to resolve all the prior seasons of queer-baiting. The auxiliary gay relationships haven’t elevated the status of the show, IMO, other than providing token LGBT representation. And using Stiles and Derek in a gay comedic trope seems more to thumb their nose at those that viewed the relationship differently, than it does to address any of the previous queer-baiting from prior seasons.

    Thanks for the No Homo memories, Jeff.

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