Yuri on Ice!! Pop Rumors Are Now FACT

Yuri on Ice!! Pop

Remember the Yuri on Ice!! Pop doll rumors I speculated about months ago? Well, they aren’t rumors anymore.  Funko has made an official announcement!

The above pictured Yuri on Ice!! Pop doll – young Victor Nikiforov with a flower crown – is a Hot Topic exclusive.  At this time it’s not yet listed on their website so it’s hard to determine if it’ll be an in-store only type of exclusive, or if people will be able to order it online as well.  This one could prove a bit tricky to find.

The other three Yuri on Ice!! Pops, however, will be more widely available.  These include Katsuki Yuuri in his Eros short program outfit, Yuri Plitsetsky in his Agape short program outfit, and Victor in his free skate/exhibition outfit.  All four Pops will be available in October.

Yuri on Ice!! PopYuri on Ice!! PopYuri on Ice!! Pop


These are the first of what I hope are many Yuri on Ice!! Pops.  I would personally love to see Yuuri and Yuri in their free skate and exhibition skate costumes.  I’d also like to see more characters beyond the main three.  Perhaps a Makkachin Pop or Otabek (who is severely under represented in merchandise across the board, honestly).  If a Chris Pop got released, I’d snatch that up in a heartbeat as well.  For now, though, I’m incredibly grateful for what we do have.  Whenever the Funko Twitter account asked for suggestions I’d immediately jump on the chance to suggest Yuri on Ice!!  I encouraged many others to do the same.  And now here we are.  We’ve got Pops!

Can’t wait until October for Yuri on Ice!! merch?  No worries.  We’ve been keeping our ear to the ground on this stuff.  You can check out the Art Book or the Victor 1/8 scale figure.  Or if you’re lucky enough you may get to see a Pop-up shop with loads of merch.  But even if you can’t find these (often expensive and/or rare) opportunities, just head down to your local anime shop and see what they have.  Blind boxes for things like keychains and other small products have been popping up everywhere.  Or head on over to Hot Topic, who has embraced the YOI fandom and released a ton of amazing products.

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