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  • Downton Abbey Film Announced by Focus Features!

    It is a good day for fans of Downton Abbey, because we finally have official confirmation about a feature-length Downton Abbey film! The original principal cast is set to return. I can’t wait for the awesomeness that is Violet Crawley. She was portrayed to perfection by Dame Maggie Smith. Read our before commenting. Please do not […]

  • Animal Kingdom 3×7 Review: Low Man

    This week’s episode of Animal Kingdom season 3 showed the Cody men getting ready for their next gig. ‘Low Man’ also had some very enjoyable scenes focusing on Pope’s mission to find who killed Baz, and Smurf trying to survive in jail. Also, Adrian showed up! Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our […]

  • Free 3×01 Review: Sprouting Dive Start!

    And we’re back! The boys of Iwatobi have returned, and I couldn’t be more excited. “Sprouting Dive Start!” picks up early in Haru’s first year at university as he heads to his first swim practice – and then first tournament – of his college career…and runs into some old friends. Read our before commenting. Please […]

  • Hit the Floor 4×1 Review: Slay

    Fans returned to the world of basketball, dance, and murder with the premiere of Hit the Floor season 4 titled ‘Slay.’ Not only did James LaRosa introduce new characters he also had some of the established characters in very interesting places in their personal arcs. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content […]

  • The SDCC Deadpool Dream Suite Sweepstakes Looks Amazing

    Deadpool is taking over a room at the Hard Rock Hotel at San Diego Comic-Con and you can win a night’s stay by entering the Deadpool Dream Suite sweepstakes. Getting a hotel room for San Diego Comic-Con can be hard.  Trust us.  We’ve written about it a lot (see: SDCC Hotel FAQ).  One lucky winner […]