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  • Mr Robot Fills the Hannibal Void in My Heart

    I admit it.  I marathoned all 22 episodes of Mr Robot in three days and I don’t remotely regret that decision.  It’s helped soothe the pain that losing Hannibal last year has caused and if you have been similarly suffering withdrawals, you might enjoy it, too. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content […]

  • Congratulations Fannibals! Hannibal wins again!

    For the third year in a row, Hannibal has taken the top spot in our annual Favorite Horror Themed TV Show poll!  Congrats fannibals!   It had a narrow victory against Supernatural in 2013and another narrow victory against In the Flesh last year, but this year it left all the competition in the dust and won […]

  • Hannibal 3×13 Review: The Wrath of the Lamb

    I have a bad habit of putting the final episodes of things off for very long periods of time.  When I was marathoning Carnivale for the first time, I took a three month break before watching the final two episodes.  I’ve been waiting for two days since the Canadian broadcast to decide if I was […]

  • Hannibal 3×12 Review: The Number of the Beast Is 666

    “Is Hannibal in love with me?” Whoa whoa, wait, hold on.  Did that actually happen?  Did this exchange between Bedelia and Will actually happen? Furthermore, when Bedelia asked Will in turn if he “ached” for Hannibal, did he really pause and not deny it?  Is this real life?  I feel as though Fannibals just had […]

  • Hannibal 3×11 Review: … And The Beast from the Sea

    Molly is a complete badass from head to toe.  Introducing a love interest into a show is hard.  But the odds were stacked against Molly from the start here even more than a typical love interest on any other show.  She is introduced after a three-year time jump, leaving out huge portions of her backstory […]

  • Hannibal 3×8 Review: The Great Red Dragon

    With only a few episodes left of the season, we’ve launched head first into the Red Dragon arc.  This is what die hard book fans have been waiting for.  While I don’t consider myself one of that particular set of the Fannibal crowd, I know how important it is for Hannibal canon and I’m pumped […]

  • Hannibal 3×7 Review: Digestivo

    Ouch, my heart.  Despite this being a mid season episode, it felt like the end of an arc.  In a way it was.  Hannibal and Will have officially broken up are no  longer playing a global game of cat and mouse, Jack has finally ‘caught’ the Chesapeake Ripper, and Chiyoh, despite her very short time […]