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  • Steven Universe 5×10 Review: Kevin Party

    steWhen major jerk-wad Kevin invites Stevonnie to give his titular “Kevin Party” some flair, Steven agrees on the desperate hope that he may finally be able to reconnect with Connie. Things are glum for Clarence Steven. Connie still hasn’t spoken to him, and Lion is missing too. When Kevin, literally Steven’s least favorite person in […]

  • “The Toys That Made Us” Collector’s Edition Coming to Blu-ray

    The Nacelle Company announced today that they are releasing a collector’s edition Blu-ray of their popular Netflix docu-series, The Toys That Made Us. Naturally, the collector’s edition will come with a series collectible, designed by NECA. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © […]

  • Looking at “Hobbs and Shaw” Box Office – What Went Wrong?

    No matter how you try to paint it, Hobbs and Shaw, the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise doesn’t seem to be performing as expected. As someone who enjoys watching the FF films, and also likes Dwayne Johnson, I have tried to breakdown why this film didn’t translate into big box office numbers […]