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  • Star Wars Rebels 4×10 & 4×11 Reviews: Jedi Night & Dume

    There have definitely been some moving episodes of Star Wars Rebels in the past, but none quite so heart-wrenching as this week’s “Jedi Night” and “Dume”. “Jedi Night” was, more than anything, a rescue-mission episode, but from the very beginning it felt different than all the Rebels rescue mission episodes that have come before. There was […]

  • Star Wars Rebels 4×09 Review: Rebel Assault

    For the first time this season, there was only one new Star Wars Rebels episode this week, and with “Rebel Assault” viewers are left on edge until the rest of the season airs starting in early 2018. “Rebel Assault” was an adrenaline rush from the very beginning, and while we did catch glimpses of Ezra, […]

  • Star Wars Rebels 4×07 & 4×08 Reviews: Kindred and Crawler Commanders

    Perhaps it was the amount of physical travel that the characters did between “Kindred” and “Crawler Commanders”, but these two episodes felt much more like standalone stories than the previous sets. Granted, “Crawler Commanders” couldn’t have happened without “Kindred”, but at the end of “Kindred” we did know that Hera had made it away from […]

  • Star Wars Rebels 4×03 & 4×04 Review: In the Name of the Rebellion

    This week’s Star Wars Rebels installment, “In the Name of the Rebellion”, was another two-parter – an interesting decision, as airing so many back-to-back episodes means that season four has yet to feature any actual cliff hangers. It’s not the worst thing to ever happen, but I find myself wondering if it’s sustainable. That said, […]

  • Star Wars Rebels 4×01 & 4×02 Review: Heroes of Mandalore

    The fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels started with a bang in “Heroes of Mandalore”, a two-part season premiere that takes place entirely on, you guessed it, Mandalore. Our “Heroes of Mandalore” were in pretty dire straits at the beginning – and again twice more, later in the episode – but even I […]

  • Star Wars Rebels Panel & Press Conference Highlights

    While we here at The Geekiary have a lot more to write about Star Wars Celebration *and* the Star Wars Rebels panel and press conference that took place today, for now I wanted to share a few highlights from the amazing Rebels SWCO experience! Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Review & Season 4 Sneak Preview […]