Ancient China-Inspired Farm Life Sim “Pathless Woods” Available on Steam Early Access

Pathless Woods Steam Game
Pathless Woods (Image: PR/Aniya Games)

If you’re looking for a new farm life sim game that offers a different aesthetic along with familiar gameplay then Pathless Woods might be for you. From Aniya Games, Pathless Woods just hit Steam Early Access.

There’s a whole bunch of farm life sims out there and it can be tough to stand apart from the rest. One of the reasons Pathless Woods caught my attention was, of course, the visuals being inspired by ancient Chinese culture and architecture.

The open-world gameplay involves what players expect from such a title. You will get to construct buildings, bridges, and other small to large structures. You will need to explore the land, gather resources, etc. However, the differences from other similar titles involve this particular game featuring aspects of Chinese culture.

For example, the farming mechanic lets you engage in traditional Chinese farming. You will need to master the art of water irrigation, fertilizer use, and temperature control. The in-game food you can prepare is inspired by Chinese cuisine.

The structures you can build will include pagodas and even grand mansions. With time, you can make the land look the way you want it to.

The fantastical world of Pathless Woods isn’t without danger though. The threats include environmental factors, creatures, and other inhabitants. The gameplay encourages players to adapt to their surroundings. One of the threats is posed by the Jaer cultists. Apparantly, they are after your resources.

The game also has a co-op multiplayer mode so friends can explore and adventure together. You can play with up to three friends, increasing your chances of survival and overall collective fun.

As for the story elements, there are secrets hidden within ancient ruins. You will get to interact with local NPCs to learn more about different areas. Also, I’m a bit unsure, but I think certain NPCs might be able to visit you or possibly help with certain chores. And it looks like certain NPC communities might need your help against certain dangers.

Here’s the colorful trailer!

Judging from the trailer, I’m all in when it comes to what Pathless Woods is ready to offer players. According to the dev team, the game was also inspired by the essence of Byron’s poetry. It has been described as Valheim meets Stardew Valley but set in Ancient China. And I do see that.

As far as my opinion goes, I like the visuals and the types of constructs you can build. The farming system looks interesting, too. If I were to nitpick, I would say that the battle system could look a bit smoother.

Being available in Steam Early Access, you know the dev team will be receptive to player feedback. You can buy Pathless Woods via Steam Early Access for only $7.37 USD, a 10% discount on the original $8.19 USD price. The introductory offer ends come April 16, 2024.

There’s also a free downloadable demo you can try before deciding on making a purchase.

As of writing this post, the early reviews have been deemed very positive from 102 submitted reviews. So, fingers crossed the reception for such a title continues to be good.

Talking about Aniya Games (stylized as AniYa Games), the studio was formed by a duo based in Guangdong, China. Pathless Woods was developed over 7 years by the duo.

The dev team is ready to offer updates to the game. The current Roadmap talks about upgrades to the survival and farming systems. Livestock and taming systems will be introduced. Features like an alchemy system, NPC companionship, tea making, etc. are also planned.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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