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  • Supernatural 11×23 Review: Alpha and Omega

    The finale episode of Supernatural is always a bit of a wildcard. You never know what to expect. “Alpha and Omega” was a pleasant surprise. Anytime the showrunner changes in a show, the future of that show is thrown into question. This year, Andrew Dabb, the showrunner of next year, was given the finale episode […]

  • Supernatural 11×22 Review: We Happy Few

    The trouble with the penultimate episode of Supernatural is that it’s designed to only ever raise questions, not give answers. It’s designed to boost viewer anticipation for the next episode, and set up the plot for the finale and opener for the next season. “We Happy Few” did just that, but might have worked better […]

  • Supernatural 11×21 Review: All in the Family

    Whenever we get a fantastic episode like “Don’t call me Shurley”, viewers know that the next episode won’t be as good. Most just hope that the episode that follows is at least entertaining. Sadly, “All in the Family” left us with far too many questions and far too little action to be anything more than […]

  • Thank You Robbie: Goodbye to SPN’s Robbie Thompson

    Supernatural and the creative team in charge has always had a bit of a love/hold-at-arms-length relationship with its fanbase. During the controversial plot decisions in season 6 and 7, with their small digs at the fanbase, it’s often felt more like the show-runners and writers’ room preferred for the fans to quiet down and stop […]

  • Supernatural 11×20 Review: Don’t Call Me Shurley

    Supernatural has always been a bit uneven when it comes to learning from the past. For the characters of “Don’t Call Me Shurley”, this has consequences. Fans have been theorizing for years about the nature of the character Chuck Shurley, and “Don’t Call Me Shurley” finally answers that question in the affirmative. Yes, as theorized […]

  • Supernatural 11×19 Review: The Chitters

    Traditionally, in Supernatural, filler episodes are hit or miss affairs. “The Chitters” is definitely a hit. Nancy Won, the writer of this delightful episode, has only been with the show for a single season so far. However, in that short time, every filler episode she’s been assigned to write has featured fun but deep plots […]

  • Supernatural 11×18 Review: Hell’s Angel

    When I heard that the writers for “Hell’s Angel” were the writing duo of Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner, I was concerned. Their episodes tend to be rather uneven in pacing and plot, with significant continuity errors. They also have a tendency to sacrifice likeability of the characters in order to fit whatever story they’ve […]

  • Supernatural 11×16 Review: Safe House

    In times of trouble and stress, there’s nothing more important than a safe house. It and the people that inhabit it provide safety, advice and reassurance that the fight is both worthy of the effort and still capable of being won. The Winchesters and the viewers were in need of this little morale boost. -Read […]

  • Supernatural 11×15 Review: Beyond the Mat

    Over the seasons, Supernatural has developed a trend of following a heavy arc episode with what they consider a lighthearted filler episode. “Beyond the Mat” was a fluffy filler piece intended to lighten the mood and brighten spirits after the dark ending of the last episode. Sadly, it left me with as many questions as […]

  • Supernatural 11×14 Review: The Vessel

    The one constant that ties together the various seasons of Supernatural is the act of sacrifice. Be it for family, for friends, or for a stranger, the heroic thing to do is sacrifice yourself to save the day. It’s the Winchester thing to do. Sadly, it rarely works, and always has unexpected side effects. You’d […]