Batman: The Telltale Series “The Enemy Within” Episode 5 “Same Stitch” Review

Batman Telltale Games Same Stitch

Batman: The Telltale Series ‘The Enemy Within’ Episode 5 ‘Same Stitch’ offered a very satisfying finale to the game’s second season. It made my in-game choices matter. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens to Bruce Wayne if we (hopefully) get another season.

I was provided a copy of Batman: The Telltale Series ‘The Enemy Within’ Episode 5 ‘Same Stitch’ (Steam code) for review. The opinions are my own.

The writers of ‘The Enemy Within’ really made me think I could help John Doe not become the villainous Joker in ‘Same Stitch.’ Every choice I made in the previous episodes involved trusting John and making him know I was his friend. However, I should have realized you can’t have a proper Batman without having the Joker in the same world. With Telltale Game’s Batman series known for introducing surprising twists to the Caped Crusader’s lore, ‘Same Stitch’ was all about making the players see that their choices were responsible for creating the iconic comic book villain.

Instead of having John fall into a vat of green chemicals in the final episode, every choice you made since the beginning of this series molded John into the character he became by the end of ‘Same Stitch.’ Even though I tried to be an ally, John couldn’t escape his destiny.

I have to applaud the writers for making me think there was hope to set John on the right path. The final confrontation between the two was very emotional. The Joker even asked Bruce if the billionaire had ever thought of him as a real friend. Sadness, I tell you! Sadness!

Batman creating the Joker is something even Alfred brought up in the finale. Poor Alfred went through a lot in the first season and ‘The Enemy Within’ showed him trying to get his life back together. He clearly felt his failure as a father figure to Bruce, encouraging his Batman-ish ways. Due to the choice I made when Alfred decided to leave, I’m very interested in seeing where I’ll find Bruce in the third season.

At least, I have Tiffany by my side. The reveal that she killed the Riddler was the narrative’s way of saying that no one is pure in the world Bruce lives in. That’s why realizing everyone has shades of grey is important. I like Tiffany as a character, and I’m all for her becoming Batman’s first Robin.

The ‘Same Stitch’ also showed Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad, though she didn’t refer to her team with the famous name. I wouldn’t mind a Suicide Squad spin-off from Telltale Games in the near future. It’ll allow the writers to explore more of Bane and Mr. Freeze’s backstories. The two villains were unfortunately pushed to the background because of the Joker storyline.

What did you think of Batman: The Telltale Series ‘The Enemy Within’ Episode 5 ‘Same Stitch’? Did you try and help John Doe? Let us know!

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