Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×49 Review: Wasabi and Namida

Wasabi and Namida Boruto anime 49 review
Team 15 in ‘Wasabi and Namida’

I’ve been waiting for a Sumire-centric story and I finally got one this week in ‘Wasabi and Namida.’ Not only did we get to see the all-female ninja team in action, we also got some awesome team bonding moments.

One of the things I find interesting about Team 15 is not only does it comprise of three female ninjas, the team’s instructor is Hanabi. For those of you in need of a quick refresher, Hanabi is Hinata’s sister and thus Boruto and Himawari’s maternal aunt. She’s also the heiress to the prestigious Hyuga Clan.

I was surprised to see Hanabi serving as a Genin team’s instructor during the Byakuya Gang arc because I thought her duties as a clan heiress would be keeping her busy. However, it’s revealed in ‘Wasabi and Namida’ that her responsibility as Team 15’s instructor also involves keeping an eye on Sumire.

Turns out that Sumire hasn’t talked to her teammates about her attempt to destroy the Leaf Village. And that’s what the current episode focused on. I still can’t understand why Sumire was quickly pardoned for her crime. However, seeing her tell her teammates the truth was a nice little bonding moment.

Anyway, we still don’t know why Team 15 won’t be participating in the upcoming Chunin Exams. So, I’m looking forward to the next episode in hopes of getting a clearer answer or at least some hints. I also want to know if Team 15 decided to disband or if only Sumire left to pursue a different career route.

As for the action sequences in ‘Wasabi and Namida,’ I liked Wasabi’s ability. She can use a scroll to cover herself with the chakra of different cats. The abilities she acquires depend on the kind of cat she selects. I appreciate how her ability has a unique factor working for it, which the main cast (Boruto and Salad) and other supporting characters (Inojin, Chocho, Shikadai, and Metal) don’t have yet.

Did you watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations this week? What did you think of ‘Wasabi and Namida’? Let us know.

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