Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×47 Review: The Figure I Want to Be

Boruto anime episode 47 Review The Figure I Want to Be
Boruto and Shikadi in ‘The Figure I Want to Be’

This week’s episode of Boruto concluded the Byakuya Gang arc. And while I was expecting a bit more from the finale shown in ‘The Figure I Want to Be,’ I still enjoyed the little action sequences and the focus on Shikadai.

The fact that Gekko, the Byakuya Gang leader, could cast genjutsu was confirmed in the series’ 46th episode titled ‘Go! The Crest of Night Strategy’ (which I didn’t review). Said episode showed the gang of so-called noble thieves stealing a device from Katasuke. Shikadai was able to figure out the gang’s plan because the way the angry mob moved resembled a Shogi game he had played with Ryogi. After leaving Chocho and Inojin to deal with some of the thieves, Shikadai and Boruto pursued Gekko and Ryogi, which led to the events in ‘The Figure I Want to Be.’

While I appreciate the series talking about a mature subject, as far as kid shows are concerned, I was disappointed due to a lack of answers in the end. The conclusion was predictable because we all knew Ryogi was going to side with Shikadai soon enough. However, I wanted to see Ryogi understand what was wrong with his way of thinking. Furthermore, we got no explanation about why Gekko killed Ryogi’s parents.

Also, seeing Ryogi in jail, even temporarily, felt weird to me. Sumire was going to deliberately blow up the entire village and she was pardoned! Ryogi was made to steal because of Gekko’s mind-controlling powers and yet, he was put behind bars. I can’t see any sense in that.

Anyway, let’s see what new story the current series will tell. I was expecting Iwabe to get some time to shine during the current arc, especially after what happened to Metal. However, judging by the preview, the series will deal with Iwabe and his team next week. I’m looking forward to finding out how Metal ends up being the only one from his three-man cell to participate in the upcoming Chunin exams.

What did you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations this week? Did you enjoy ‘The Figure I Want to Be’? Let us know.

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