Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×154 Review – ‘Himawari’s Ninja Trial Session’

Himawari's Ninja Trial Session review Boruto 154
Ehou, Himawari, Yuina, and Shino in ‘Himawari’s Ninja Trial Session (Image: Screengrab)

‘Himawari’s Ninja Trial Session’ focused on Himawari experiencing what it would mean to become a shinobi. While I know that numerous fans want her to become a ninja (she has the genetics to be OP), I like the writing team allowing her to take her time to make a decision.

While things are getting very dangerous in the manga’s timeline, the world in the anime (due to running behind the manga) is quite peaceful. There isn’t a need for the Hidden Leaf Village to train numerous ninjas anymore. Kids have a lot of career paths to choose from. That’s why even though Himawari is the Hokage’s daughter and a member of the Uzumaki and Hyuga Clans, no one is forcing her to enroll in the Ninja Academy. I’m not even sure if she will even become a proper ninja as the story progresses.

I understand that the fandom wants her to train. I want her to grow strong, too. As Naruto’s daughter, her life will continue to be in danger. Any villain can decide to use her as bait to trap Naruto. So, while we wait for her to decide, I appreciated the current episode allowing her to experience what it would be like to become a ninja.

‘Himwari’s Ninja Trial Session’ showed her and two other kids (a boy named Ehou and a girl named Yuina) going through various tasks during a one-day trial session. I was glad to see Himawari doing well during the obstacle course. She also knew how to throw shuriken because Boruto had been training her.

While, at first, Ehou was impressed by Himawari’s skills and wanted her to be his rival, he immediately got angry at her when she shared she wasn’t serious about becoming a ninja. Ehou’s reaction made sense to me. He had been training hard to achieve his dream of being a shinobi. Of course, he would grow frustrated when someone who isn’t even serious about the process was better than him.

Ehou’s dislike for Himawari continued through most of the episode. While his reaction made sense, I didn’t like him bullying Himawari and asking her to quit the three-person team during a mock mission. At least he got around to accepting Himawari as a friend by the end. He’s got a lot to learn about teamwork.

All in all, ‘Himawari’s Ninja Trial Session’ served as an episode that allowed Himawari to realize it was okay for her to take her time to decide. Many kids are forced into certain academic or career paths by their parents. And more often than not, such kids grow up to become adults who aren’t happy with their professions or the type of education they received.

I liked seeing how welcoming Hinata was toward her young daughter still trying to figure out her goals. Whether or not Himawari becomes a ninja, the most important thing for her was to do what made her happy.

By the end of the episode, she shared she wanted to experience all the different career paths available to her. And considering Boruto’s sister’s very young age, that’s a good enough decision.   

What did you think of ‘Himawari’s Ninja Trial Session’? Let us know. 

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