Captain Marvel: An Introduction


Carol Danvers is an amazing woman. I am not sure that needs to be said, but there are many who don’t know that. She has always been one of my favourite Marvel characters of all time, and my favourite heroine hands down.

If you’re not familiar with her, Carol Danvers (aka Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird, Captain Marvel) was an United States Air Force pilot caught in a Kree explosion, developing powers as a result. I have not always been happy with her treatment in previous incarnations (if you’ve read Marvel in the past, you’ll know what I’m talking about), but since her take over by Kelly Sue De Connick, I have no qualms. She writes Avengers Assemble for Marvel Comics as well.

10635962_10100435315813282_343080048942628953_nThe 17 issue run of volume 8 was great (pardon the rhyming). The first half of it was absolutely fantastic, with Captain Marvel stepping into her new role and taking on the mantle of “Captain Marvel”. If you haven’t read this run, stop reading this article now and go read it. I also loved her relationship with Jessica Drew, aka Spider Woman (who has a new book out now that I am going to be picking up and most likely going to add to my ever-growing reading list). The end of issue 14 was an amazing last page, by the way. I shall keep this spoiler free, but you should go read that if you haven’t already (as well as the run of volume 8, to be honest). Especially with the teaser of a certain new girl on the block.

Captain Marvel volume 9 began earlier this year. Not necessarily a reboot, but more of a continuation from the last volume. De Connick has remained as the write, while the artists have changed yet again.

The most recent issue of Captain Marvel (issue 6) finds Carol in space with J’Son, the Spartax King (and Starlord/Peter Quill’s dad) as the antagonist. His appearance was seeded in volume 8, but the storyline is somewhat related to Infinity (the last few issues of Captain Marvel volume 8).


De Connick does not disappoint with establishing Carol’s need to get away from Earth, especially considering the devastating effects from 10659340_10100435315858192_1443682220355653084_nvolume 8, having lost most of her memories. You get the sense that she doesn’t feel the same pull towards her former friends and teammates, and opts instead to runaway, possibly on her own galactic walkabout.

In the process, she meets up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Rocket (a personal favourite of my since his 4-shot series from 1985, which I read in back issues many years later – I’m not that old!), alludes to the next storyline involving Carol’s cat (“Revenge of the Flerken”).

Ultimately, I’m quite happy with the direction that De Connick has taken the character in not only this volume, but the last as well. I feel that Carol has really come into her own again, and I am definitely a proud member of Carol Corps!

Captain Marvel #7 comes out this week, so stay tuned for an update!

Author: Bandit

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