‘A Matter of Courage’ by J.C. Long – Book Review

A Matter of Courage book review J.C. Long NineStar Press

A Matter of Courage is an enjoyable action-packed MM romance story from author J.C. Long that you should check out!

I was provided a review copy of A Matter of Courage. The opinions are my own.

I’m always looking for enjoyable stories from writers I haven’t read before. So, I’m glad that I got to know about A Matter of Courage from J.C. Long. It’s definitely a very entertaining read that has action coupled with an enjoyable take on the ‘friends-to-lovers’ trope.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Winston Chang has spent much of his young life admiring the Dragons who have kept his area safe and fought off the gangs that would bring violence to their area. Now that he’s an adult, he wants nothing more than to join the Dragons and live up to those standards.

The opportunity presents itself when his passion and knowledge of cars is just what the Dragons need. One of their own has been killed and his death seems linked to his involvement with the illegal racing scene known as the Dark Streets. Winston is needed to infiltrate the scene and find out who is responsible and why.

Steel has always been Winston’s best friend, and Winston has always been there to get him out of trouble. Just as the stress in Winston’s life reaches its peak, the relationship between Winston and Steel begins to change in ways neither of them expected.

Will Winston and Steel be able to find the courage to face not only the unknown killer stalking the Dark Streets racers but also their growing feelings?

Now, I haven’t read A Matter of Duty, which is book one in the Hong Kong Nights series. But even then I was able to be intrigued by A Matter of Courage and I kept reading. The events in A Matter of Courage pick up a few months after the events in the first book.

We have Winston going undercover to gather information. He wants to prove himself worthy of joining the Dragons. I liked how J.C. Long showed the stress Winston experiences, making the character relatable. The story also shows Steel worrying about Winston. Slowly, the two of them start coming together. There’s a lot of sexual tension between the two characters and I’m here for all of it!

I’m not sure how Winston and Steel were portrayed in the first book, but they proved to be interesting leads in A Matter of Courage. The story is told from both their POVs so it gives you a better idea of what they’re thinking and going through. They’ve both had a significant impact on each other lives.

I’m not someone who reads romantic stories, but I enjoyed A Matter of Courage because it handled romance well with an entire ‘gangs-at-war’ storyline. The story is set in Hong Kong and reading about different areas and cultures that serve as the narrative’s backdrop is always welcome. The setting of the scenes is well-detailed and you’ll surely get a taste of what’s life like in Hong Kong.

I recently interviewed author J.C. Long and found out that fans of the Hong Kong Nights series can expect the third book in 2018!

Here’s a bit more information about A Matter of Courage:

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Category: Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Theme: Crime
Word Count: 81400
Pages: 247
Sex Content: Explicit
Pairing: MM

A Matter of Courage by J.C. Long is for you if you’re interested in layered leads, action, crime mysteries, and romance. While I was able to read it as a standalone you should definitely start reading from book one in the series if you can.

You can currently purchase A Matter of Courage from Amazon, NineStar Press, Kobo, Smashwords, and B&N.

Have you read A Matter of Courage or other books from author J.C. Long? Let us know.

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