Twenties 1×04 Review: “You Know How I Like It”

You Know How I Like It Twenties episode 4 review
Nia in ‘You Know How I Like It’ (Image: Screengrab)

This week’s episode of Twenties gave us a month-long time skip and explored some of the stuff that was mentioned in the previous episode. Hattie and Ida B’s growing relationship continues to worry me.

Hattie, as a character, has a weird appeal to her. She wants to become a writer, yet seems to lack the drive to sit down and write something. She also has a lot of confidence. However, confidence will only get you so far if you don’t have the talent or motivation to back yourself up. After seeing a more laidback Hattie in the first three episodes, I liked how she gave it her all to acquire the files Ida B wanted. It was good to see Hattie (Jonica “Jojo” T. Gibbs) be serious about her job.

That’s why I’m interested to know if Hattie will get the dream job she wants or if Ida B (Sophina Brown) will end up being too much for her to handle.

From what I could understand, Ida B has a habit of pretending to grow closer to certain employees and then firing them when she feels said employee has become comfortable. Seeing her give Hattie a coat to wear to a movie screening made me want to reach into the fictional show and shake some sense into our lead.

Hattie, you in danger, girl!

As for Nia (Gabrielle Graham), she needs to understand that acting, as a career, is full of rejections. I guess she never had to experience it as a child actor? Anyway, I liked how ‘You Know How I Like It’ took some time to address the issue of colorism in Hollywood. It’s one of the reasons fans are hoping to get a dark-skinned Storm in the MCU X-Men film franchise.

Marie’s storyline kind of confused me this week. I enjoyed seeing her hold her ground in front of her male coworker, Ben, in episode three. I was expecting her to make some Boss moves ‘You Know How I Like It’. But it looks like the two mended the issues between them during the time skip? I hope not! I want to see them fight. Also, fingers crossed, their kind of adversarial relationship doesn’t turn into a romantic affair because I don’t have time for such drama.

Speaking of drama, remember how I was wondering if Marie’s husband, Chuck, was supposed to be queer when we saw him flirt with a waiter? Well, Marie (Christina Elmore) finally confronted him even if it took her a month to do so. Marie really needs to work on conveying her emotions to her partner.

Turns out, the waiter was indeed flirting with Chuck because, apparently, everyone flirts with Chuck. I mean… I can see it (because of how actor Jevon McFerrin looks in this show). However, I’m siding with Marie over how she asked Chuck to stop flirting back with other people.

Regardless of the entire world flirting with you, if your significant other would like you to stop flirting back, you should respect their request.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Chuck, though. I don’t think I fully believe his explanation about the waiter being a shoe designer and wanting PR. 

With only four more episodes left in this season of Twenties, I’m looking forward to seeing where the narrative will lead each character. In my opinion, this show strikes the perfect balance between comedy and drama while keeping everything as grounded as possible and featuring an amazing soundtrack.

You should consider checking it out.

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