Queer Mini-Series “One of the Boys” Gets USA Release This June!

One of the Boys Viaplay series
One of the Boys/En af drengene (Image: Screengrab)

Viaplay will be bringing a queer coming-of-age mini-series titled One of the Boys (En af drengene) to the USA on June 8, 2023.

From filmmaker Teys Schucany, One of the Boys tells the story of a relationship that occurs between two young boys after they are sent off to a Man Camp, a retreat where a group of boys go through a series of challenges to uphold the stereotypical notions of manliness. The narrative is supposed to explore sexuality, masculinity, and queerness.

Our leads are Lau (Jonathan Meinert Pedersen) and Aksel (Jacob Spang Olsen). Being from a small, provincial town, Lau has been described as socially awkward. In contrast, we have Aksel, an artistic kid with bleach-blond hair.

As the two draw closer to each other, the young boys go through a lot of complicated feelings, especially while dealing with being in a problematic environment created by Man Camp. The rest of the boys are ready to bully anyone who doesn’t fit their ill-informed ideal of “manliness”.

Judging by the trailer, I think there is going to be a scene where the rest of the boys target another kid for being “queer” while Aksel and Lau are unable to do anything but watch. And as the story progresses in the 4-episode long mini-series, I think Lau will find the courage to stand up for himself alongside Aksel.

I also feel that the overall story will have a happy ending for our leads even if they are put through the wringer first. And maybe, just maybe, the camp counselors will offer a bit of support? Hmmm. (I’m already, kind of, shipping the camp counselors. Ha!)

Again, One of the Boys will premiere exclusively in the USA through Viaplay. While the USA release date seems to be June 8, 2023, the one I’m seeing in Canada (as of writing this), happens to be June 7, 2023.

For those interested, this particular streaming service is all about showcasing critically acclaimed Scandinavian movies and series

Are you looking forward to watching One of the Boys?

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(via Queerty)

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