“Deadpool and Wolverine” Official Trailer Features Queer Humor, Action and More!

Deadpool and Wolverine movie trailer
Deadpool and Wolverine (Image via Official Trailer)

Disney has released the official trailer for the upcoming live-action Deadpool and Wolverine movie (also currently known as Deadpool 3). Of course, it has Wade Wilson flirting with Logan, a lot of action, and a very good look at the big bad Cassandra Nova.

Am I uber-excited about watching Deadpool 3? Well, not really. I mean, I’ll give it a watch when it hits theaters come July 26, 2024. But it’s on my Top 3 must-watch movies for this year. For those of you who have been following my content, you know I’m a Halle Berry fan. So a major part of why I want to see Deadpool and Wolverine has to do with the rumor surrounding the Fox X-Men making a cameo and that includes Halle Berry reprising her role as Ororo Munroe/Storm.

If I end up receiving confirmation that Berry’s not part of Deadpool 3, I might just not watch it in theatres at all. I’m just being honest over here. With a possible appearance in this movie as well as the release of spy actioner The Union on Netflix on August 16, 2024, and horror/thriller Never Let Go on September 27, 2024, I have my fingers crossed for a good year as a Berry fan.

Anyway, having said all of that, I know that a whole lot of people are excited to see Wade (Ryan Reynolds) and Logan (Hugh Jackman) team up to save the multiverse. I support their excitement, especially when it involves a big-budget movie starring a queer fictional character.

The latest trailer does a good job of sharing the basic details of the plot without giving much away. Deadpool has to reach out to a version of Wolverine to help save his universe. However, this version of Wolverine isn’t doing well. Apparently, he’s responsible for the destruction of his reality. From how Logan rested his forehead against Wade’s gun, I think he wants things to end for him already. Poor guy.

I like how the narrative uses a Wolverine variant. This implies that the events of the well-written Logan (2017) did happen.

Also, Logan calling Wade “lady” at the bar makes me suspect this particular Logan might have interacted with Lady Deadpool earlier in life and that’s why he was a bit confused when Wade showed up wearing (what I would presume) a similar outfit. The trailer does have Dogpool in it. And considering the type of story being told, more Deadpool variants are bound to appear.

Before Wade and Logan get on the same page, of course, they have to fight it out. And they better shake hands quickly because the actual threats include TVA agents who don’t want Wade messing up the multiverse as well as the telepathic menace Cassandra Nova (Emma Corrin).

Even though Cassandra Nova from the comic books is supposed to be an anti-self being or a Mummudrai (basically a person’s got to fight them on the Astral Plane before being born), I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie kept things simple and introduced her as a Charles Xavier variant.

The scene where she controlled Logan as a puppet was cool. I also like her demeanor. You can tell she meant business. A dead Ant-Man body makes up her lair after all. While Cassandra seems to have a small army working for her (that apparantly includes Lady Deathstrike, Pyro, and Azazel), I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s revealed to be controlling some of her minions via telepathy.

Here’s the awesome trailer!

Whatever happens in Deadpool and Wolverine comes across as a setup for introducing the two characters to the long-running MCU canon. The next major Marvel project is Avengers: Secret Wars. The rumor goes that the OG Fox X-Men will be playing a role in what’s to occur and receive a proper sendoff before the MCU brings in its version of the X-Men characters.

As for the queer representation happening in Deadpool 3, we have our co-lead Wade Wilson, of course. The trailer also has Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) celebrating with Wade alongside her girlfriend Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna). So, yay!

Also, for those who might not know, Corrin uses they/them pronouns in real life. Just a little heads-up when mentioning Corrin during your fandom discussions.

Deadpool and Wolverine has been directed and co-written by Shawn Levy. Ryan Reynolds is also credited as co-writer. It will be released on July 26, 2024.

Are you excited about it?

Let us know.

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