GMMTV 2024 Part 2 Trailer Round-Up

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Hello, again. Yes, it’s me, once again focusing on Thai dramas because that’s my current jam. Earlier today, GMMTV held the second half of its 2024 upfront presentation (the first half was held back in October). It showcased series that are expected to air in the later months of 2024 and early 2025. I’m sure you are all anxious to hear what I think, so let’s get to it.

Of the fourteen shows featured, half of them are queer, though once again they skew heavily towards BL. Six of the new titles are BLs, with only one GL on the list. (They do still have another GL set to premiere in 2024 – Pluto, which seems to have begun production.) The GL and two of the BLs feature new pairings, and one of the BLs is a project rescued from another studio.

There seems to be a lot more variety in the series featured in Part 2, with romcoms, thrillers, and supernatural titles slated for production.

I’m going to go down the list and give my thoughts on each show and whether or not I plan to watch it live. (Yes, even the non-BLs. Some of these look good!) I’m well aware at this point that my opinion seems to run contrary to what seems like the majority of fans. But I encourage everyone to watch the trailers and make their own judgments.

Ossan’s Love Thailand

Technically, this is not a new announcement, as it was revealed in Part 1. But when the announcement was made in Part 1, it was only that the license had been acquired (this is a remake of a Japanese show) and that Earth and Mix would play the leads. There was no trailer, and at the time, we didn’t even know which characters Earth and Mix would play. So I’m excited that there is finally a trailer.

I’m not familiar with the original, so I wasn’t expecting the tone to be quite so slapstick. I kind of dig it, though. The other two EarthMix shows that I’ve seen were A Tale of Thousand Stars and Moonlight Chicken, both of which were much more dramatic. I’m excited to see these two flex their comedy muscles, especially Earth, who tends to play such serious characters despite seeming like such a goofball in real life.

Will I Watch? Yes indeed. I love EarthMix, and this looks fun.

Leap Day

This is the first series on the list that features several BL actors going solo. (Which is not uncommon at all, I just tend not to watch the non-BL series.) This show features Dew, Pond, and Gun and is about two boys (Dew and Pond) born at the same time on the same day, February 29. And misfortune follows them throughout their lives, with various loved ones dying on their birthday.

Honestly, this show looks like it will stress the hell out of me. I really do like the premise; I think the idea of a curse is pretty interesting. But I do worry that on a show like this, not everyone will survive. I’ve not seen any of Pond’s solo projects, and I’m not familiar with Dew at all yet, but I love Gun and he tends to pick decent roles. Gun has also confirmed that his character is autistic, and I worry about how that portrayal will be. Sometimes GMMTV handles disabled characters well, and sometimes they do not.

Will I Watch? Probably. Like I said, I love Gun, and if this is anything like The Gifted or Midnight Museum, then I will love it. May have to watch it through my fingers, though.

The Heart Killers

This is it right here. Unfollow me now, because this is the only thing I’m going to talk about for the next, like, eight months. Fans were waiting for a FirstKhao series and a JoongDunk series, so getting to see them together is just *chef’s kiss*. This is the new series from Jojo Tichakorn, who did Only Friends. I’m chomping at the bit to see First and Khao in another series, and as much as I enjoyed Hidden Agenda, I’d like to see Joong and Dunk in something a little more challenging.

According to Jojo, this is based on Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”, and you can tell from the plot. But really, this trailer has everything. Khao and Joong as brother assassins? Tattoo artist First? Mechanic Dunk? Yes to all of that. I’m also super appreciative that finally a series is acknowledging that Dunk is not smaller than Joong, and they’ve gotten him out of the oversized clothes. And I love getting the variety in BL plots. I love a good romcom, but I’m salivating for this.

Will I Watch? Are you kidding? Try getting me to shut up about this. You won’t. I’m going to be so obnoxious about this series. Prepare for reviews filled with capslock.

Friendsh*t Forever

Lately, it takes a Herculean effort (or a good cast) to get me interested in anything heterosexual. I watched The Jungle for Off, Nanon (x2), and Mix, but halfway through the show just got too muddled. For het shows, I tend to like the ones that are more plot-focused than romance-focused, so if the plot starts falling apart, that’s it. However, after falling in love with New in Cherry Magic, that may be enough to tempt me.

On the other hand, not sure how much I’m going to enjoy something that’s about a toxic friendship. Sometimes I can watch a show where it looks like everyone is a horrible person, and sometimes I just want to be able to like someone. And while the trailer is pretty spicy, it looks like there’s infidelity, which is usually a hard no for me. I love New, and Pat is a goddess, but unless they pull out surprise lesbianism, this doesn’t look like my cup of tea.

Will I Watch? Probably not, unless I hear really good things.

Perfect10 Liners

OK so this is one of the spots where I disagree with the masses. I’m actually lowkey excited about this. I’m apparently one of the few people who likes Perth and Chimon as a pairing (although Chimon needs to get over himself super quickly because Perth deserves a partner who can kiss), and I loved Junior and Mark in Cherry Magic. Force and Book I like more in real life than on screen, but I’m willing to give them another chance. And I don’t mind ensemble shows as much as others because even being on screen for a little bit is still being on screen together. 

So this has a massive cast. Only the main six are featured in the trailer, but when they brought the cast out on stage there were like 19 people. With AouBoom and MarcPoon as side pairs, it really looks like another We Are (which I am enjoying but still). And apparently, they intend to give each main couple 10 episodes with some crossover, which seems like a lot for something with not much plot. However, I have suffered through worse for less. So I’m still looking forward to this.

Will I Watch? Yep! These pairs are enough to tempt me, at least to give it a chance. I’m also really curious to see if Chimon took kissing lessons since Dangerous Romance.


This is the only GL series on the slate and just the third GL that GMMTV has produced (after 23.5, which is currently airing, and Pluto, which should come out later this year). It’s still not enough to compete with the robust BL offerings, but at least they finally are starting to put out GL series. (It’s a little bit disheartening that there don’t even seem to be GL side pairings in any of the BL shows. Baby steps, I guess?)

I’ll be honest here, I didn’t really like the trailer. (I’ll hide in shame in a bit.) Not that it looks bad, just that it doesn’t look like something I would be interested in watching. Fans are really excited, though, and I do admit that this looks gorgeous. It’s a GL coming-of-age story to rival I Told Sunset About You, and the ladies absolutely deserve it. It just looks a little too sad and introspective for my tastes right now, though I could be wrong and this ends up being sweet and perfect.

Will I Watch? Not to start, but if I hear good things I’ll probably end up bingeing it later.

Hide & Sis

I saw this described on Tumblr as a cross between Pretty Little Liars, which I never really got into, and P.S. I Hate You, which I still haven’t seen. (It’s on the list!) This looks like it’s going to be full of despicable people and crazy behavior, and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. I do like a lot of people in the cast.

Right off, the Ophelia imagery? Love it. That shot of Jan covered in blood, smoking? Love it. The rest of it, I’m not sure yet. I don’t want to say I have very specific tastes, but my likes and dislikes can be pretty fleeting and not at all consistent. And while I haven’t seen P.S. I Hate You, I did get The Jungle vibes – not because of plot similarity but because that show was bonkers and it looks like this one will be, too.

Will I Watch? I may check it out just to see if it is bonkers. Sometimes those are fun to watch. I’ll probably hold off and see what people say.

Thame-Po: Heart That Skips a Beat

I’m not familiar with Est or LYKN (the band that plays the idol group in this series), but I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for stories like this. Do you have any idea how many famous AUs I’ve read, for like every ship I have? I live for this stuff. I’m hesitant to commit to too many series before knowing when they’ll air; even though most Thai dramas are 16 episodes or less, sometimes it’s hard for me to keep current.

So, first off, the song in the trailer? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. This looks super cute, and it also has the potential to be very meta and relevant. There is a big issue in Asian countries where idols have to hide a partner when they’re dating because the fans will go insane. And despite BLs and fanservice being really popular, there is still a lot of homophobia. Both of which look like they’re going to be dealt with in this series. I think this could be a great show.

Will I Watch? Probably, depends on if my brain is braining properly when it airs.

Break Up Service

I mean, this is Off, so that made me sit up and take notice. (I was kind of hoping for another OffGun show, but Cooking Crush just aired and they still have The Trainee coming out this year.) I didn’t know that Jorin was interested in acting, but then again, what I don’t know about the Thai entertainment industry could fill an ocean. As much as I like to see Off in more dramatic roles, he really excels at comedy, so I think this will be good.

This is giving me Midnight Motel vibes, and I love that show. (Side note: Watch Midnight Motel.) Off has some decent range, but I think these kind of snarky, cocky characters are really what he’s best at. And I love the premise; I haven’t read the Webtoon, but I’ve read enough similar series to get the jist of it. Do I think this is going to be the best show in the world? No, but it looks like it will be fun and entertaining.

Will I Watch? Off is in it, try and stop me.

Revamp the Undead Story

So within the past couple of weeks, a lot of stars have been moving to GMMTV. Fans were making jokes, saying how they woke up and it turns out they’d been signed to GMMTV, or putting out the Oprah meme (“Everyone’s going to GMMTV!”). But really recently, most of the talent from WabiSabi has moved to GMMTV, and with it the vampire project they were working on.

So I’m not a fan of vampires, I’ve said that before. And there are something like four vampire BLs coming out this year. I’m already willing to give My Golden Blood a chance, and I don’t know if I have it in me to watch another one. Plus I’m unfamiliar with most of the WabiSabi guys so I’m not particularly attached to any of them yet. This also looks darker than some of the other vampire projects and I’m not big on the dark.

Will I Watch? I’m gonna pass on this one. Congrats to anyone who loves gay vampires, though. 2024 is your year.

Sweet Tooth, Good Dentist

Fans predicted the MarkOhm pairing after the live stage version of Last Twilight, when these two hammed it up despite their characters (Mark played Night, Ohm played August) never interacting on screen. Both of them tried to demure and act like they didn’t have any projects coming up, but fans knew better. Sure enough, here comes this series! Fans are also excited to see Mark in a main BL role (that isn’t an ensemble show).

Oh, man, I must really love Mark to be willing to watch a show about dentistry. (Dentists freak me out.) But, yes, I do. I’m really excited to see him be super flirty. Him singing the Last Twilight song? Genius. I also love that View plays his friend, because I loved their dynamic in Moonlight Chicken. This show looks like it will be a cute, sweet romcom that will give me all the feels, like Cooking Crush.

Will I Watch? Yes, I’ve been rooting for Mark to get a lead role long enough that I’d better!

The Dark Dice

This is Gemini’s first solo project (and first non-BL), and I know he has the acting chops for something a little more challenging. He absolutely ate up in Moonlight Chicken; I was really blown away by his talent, considering how young he is. However, shows like this can be really hit or miss for me, and if I was a bigger fan of more of the cast, I might be a little more interested.

I saw someone on Tumblr describe this as a Thai high school Squid Game and honestly, that seems pretty accurate. I didn’t watch Squid Game (not a Jamie kind of show), but the premise seems similar. I’m thinking it’s a more hardcore version of The Gifted, which I did enjoy, but I’m not really feeling it for this one. I have to be in a particular kind of mood to watch a show where I’m constantly going to be on edge, wondering if someone is going to die this week.

Will I Watch? Unlikely, but I’m open to changing my mind.

The Ex-Morning

So one of the stars coming to GMMTV recently is Singto, who is actually returning after having left the company a few years ago. Krist and Singto are some of the OGs of the Thai BL world, along with OffGun and TayNew; SOTUS came out in 2016, and while Krist returned to BLs with 2023’s Be My Favorite, which was very well-received, for the most part these two have been doing solo projects ever since. (Aside from I’m Tee, Me Too, which featured the six OGs in a non-BL series, which was cute and I recommend it.) But with Singto returning to GMMTV, and them being paired up for other projects, it was only a matter of time before they reunited for a BL.

I haven’t seen SOTUS and I’ve only been watching Thai BLs since last year, so I don’t have the emotional attachment to these two that older BL fans have. (Happy for y’all, though.) I actually am not that big of a fan of Krist, however, I am lowkey kind of digging the premise of this series. We don’t get a lot of second-chance BLs, at least not the ones where they dated and broke up. And it’s nice when the actors are able to play characters their age. (We need more adults!)

Will I Watch? I’m still not sure. It is nice to see older characters, though. It’s hard to be in your 40s and watching high school BLs (even if the actors are older).

Scarlet Heart Thailand

Like the Ossan’s Love announcement in Part 1, this did not come with a trailer; they haven’t filmed anything yet. They are just letting us know that they have acquired the license. This is a remake of a Chinese series (there is also a Korean remake), and I don’t know much about it. According to Wikipedia, this is about a girl who somehow travels in time and meets the seven sons of the king.

Kind of hard to react to no trailer, but I have volumes to say about the cast list. I love everyone at this bar. This cast is stacked, and I am 100% here for it. Also, the aesthetics of this teaser? I’m a big fan. Even if I weren’t intrigued by the plot, which I am (not a lot of period Thai dramas – that I’m aware of), I’m shallow enough to admit that I would watch this for the eye candy.

Will I Watch? Yes, if only for the pretty.

Parting Thoughts

Out of fourteen shows, there are seven that I’m excited about, and one or two more that I could be interested in if I hear good things. This is not including the remaining shows from Part 1 that have yet to air, including The Trainee, My Love Mix-Up!, My Golden Blood, and Pluto, among others. (Check out my 2024 BLs and WLW Media to Watch Out For posts for more.) It looks like I’m going to have a very full year!

I’m really curious to know what you all are excited about! What shows do you plan to watch? Are there any you would like me to review (aside from The Heart Killers, that’s a given)? Let us know in the comments!

If you want to watch the full Part 2 presentation, you can do so on the GMMTV YouTube.

Author: Jamie Sugah

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