“Decay of Logos” PC/Steam Review: An Enjoyable Yet Tough Fantasy RPG

Decay of Logos
Decay of Logos – Game (Image: PR)

Even though the indie game Decay of Logos has a number of bugs and features tough gameplay, I still couldn’t bring myself to stop playing it. If the developer team is able to balance a few things out, Decay of Logos will definitely have a wider appeal.

I was provided a free PC/Steam review code of Decay of Logos. The opinions are my own.

One of the most important things you need need to remember before beginning this game is that it’s not your usual hack-and-slash title (even though I wanted it to be). You can’t charge in and kill enemies by mashing the left mouse button. No, you will need to be extremely patient and wait for an opening. Apparantly, from what I was told in a press release by the dev team, the fighting mechanic is tough because the lead character, Ada, isn’t a warrior. Ada’s abilities as a fighter grow as you (the player) becomes better during combat.

Seeing Ada die after a hit or two was frustrating for me. And I died a lot. However, as I got to understand more about how to engage enemies in combat, it was fun to see Ada being able to hold her own during battle. I felt so proud of her (and myself).

And yes, when possible, it’s better to avoid combat. Also, during a fight, remember to dodge, jump, and do whatever’s possible to avoid an enemy’s attack. It’s going to be tough for some (it was for me), but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to have a better gameplay experience.

Always keep an eye on the stamina bar that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Other than that, the weapons and equipment have a certain level of durability. This means your armor and weapon will become useless as you continue using them. But you don’t need to worry too much because looting enemies, breaking barrels, and opening chests are sure to keep Ada all geared up as you continue her journey.

Now, of course, Ada’s stats matter a lot. She needs to rest after being hit and coming back from the dead too much. Continuing to fight with lowered stats won’t do you any favors.

Here’s my gameplay video where I ended up dying a lot. Enjoy!

Decay of Logos seems to be a mix of Dark Souls (another very tough game) and the Zelda (or other similar fantasy game) series. Considering this is an indie game (from Amplify Creations), I was impressed with what was offered, even though there were a few bugs. There’s a whole lot for you explore including cliffs, mines, dungeons, and more. There is enough variety in each area to make it stand apart. I would have liked a map, though. Give me a map!

The story is about a decaying fantasy kingdom and how the powerful rulers don’t care. You get to learn more about the lore by talking to other characters and discovering new areas.

Ada does have a magical Elk companion. I was looking forward to riding the Elk to explore areas. But controlling her four-legged companion is such a chore I stopped after a few rides. The Elk is good at helping solve puzzles and offering more storage space. So, there’s that. But yes, I was disappointed about there not being a lot more Elk riding in this game.

I do think many issues will continue to be solved by the dev team in the coming days and weeks. That’s why I feel Decay of Logos has a lot of potential to become a highly enjoyable game for a wider audience.

Even with certain bugs and what felt like unbalanced mechanics, I kept playing (even though I died a lot) because Decay of Logos was so much fun for me.

Available on the PS4, Decay of Logos will be released on the PC and Xbox One come August 30, 2019. The Nintendo Switch edition’s release has been moved to September.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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