The Comics of Emily Carroll

Margot’s Room

A couple who has lost their daughter grows distant, the husband taking longer and longer to come home from work every day, until he stops coming at all.  His wife, looking for him, sees strange figures moving in the trees across the river.  He finally comes home, but is he still the same man?

Two brothers, one fraught with jealousy, go into the woods to find and kill a horrible beast.  There are many strange and frightening things in the woods, but the worst may just be the brothers themselves…

These are the comics of Emily Carrol, an artist who excels in the macabre and spooky.  Every year I look forward to reading her comics and sharing them with my friends.  The two tales summarized above have literally given me nightmares.  Not a lot does that anymore.

Do you have any favorite scary stories? Perhaps a comic that gave you nightmares, a tale told around the campfire, or a creepypasta you’ve read? Please share them with us in the comments below!

Author: Lady Malchav

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  1. I recommend Everthing’s Eventual: 14 Dark Tales … these are some truly scary and horrifying tales.

    Princess Audrii

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