‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Manga Issue 30 Review: Face-to-Face

Boruto manga 30 review Face-to-Face
Delta in Boruto Manga Issue 30 ‘Face-to-Face’ (Image: Boruto manga)

This week’s manga issue of Boruto continued to show the lead and Kawaki trying to bond due to both possessing Karma. However, the most interesting aspect of ‘Face-to-Face’ was how it set the stage for an amazing battle. Fingers crossed we get to see the fight in the next chapter instead of the story deciding to ignore it for now.

Fans are still trying to figure out Kashin Koji’s true identity. While he was introduced as one of the villains, ‘Face-to-Face’ showed a different aspect of his personality. He seems to be keeping an eye on Kawaki and Boruto as if he knows the two young ninjas are destined for something great. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is revealed to be some kind of an anti-hero if not an ally. I still don’t think he is a resurrected Jiraiya, but Kashin being related to Jiraiya or even his clone could be something I can accept.

As for setting the stage for an interesting battle, Delta is one impatient lady. It turns out her body, similar to Kawaki’s, is also hiding scientific ninja tools. Seeing her take out a drone and then turn her feet into rocket boosters to fly was impressive. She is also super strong.

I was hoping the manga would give us a Delta vs Sakura showdown. I wanted to see if Delta was as strong as Sakura or stronger. When it comes to brute strength, Sakura is the strongest (yet). So, it would have been a good fight. But I’m okay with Delta battling it out with Naruto, too. Of course, Naruto can’t go all out with his powers because he would destroy the village. That is why it will be interesting to see how Naruto is able to handle Delta (an opponent who will not hold back).

What did you think of Boruto manga issue 30 ‘Face-to-Face’? Are you ready for Naruto vs Delta? Let us know.

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