First Two Minutes of “Hannibal” Season 2 Released


Remember when I expressed shock and dismay that the season two trailer for Hannibal would spoil something so huge?  Turns out I was completely off the mark.  The shocking fight sequence in the trailer is actually the first two minutes of the episode.  In fact, it seems to be a major selling point for the new season and though I was super cautious to warn for it as a major spoiler in the past, NBC is posting it on all of their social media accounts so it hardly seems to be a spoiler anymore.  Entertainment Weekly has posted the entire thing up on their website.  Go watch it here.

Considering that the season starts off in such a dramatic way, I’m going to assume that this clip is quickly followed by a “x weeks/months earlier” title card.  Much of the previously released trailer seems to have Jack and Hannibal on relatively good terms.  And more importantly, Jack doesn’t have a huge hole in his neck, so this time jump prediction seems pretty logical.  While season one showed Will slowly unraveling Hannibal’s true nature, it seems this season will focus on Jack’s similar revelation.  Instead of Jack ending up behind bars like Will, it seems it’ll climax with this epic fight scene.

Personally I’m not a huge fan on narratives structured this way.  I feel like the intention in showing where a story is headed is to get people excited, but I feel like it takes a lot of of the surprise out of what is supposed to be a shocking turn of events.  It obviously works for some people, though, or writers wouldn’t keep using it over and over again.  We don’t know when this is actually going to take place.  It could be just a few episodes in or it could be the conclusion of the entire season.  We also don’t know how it’ll conclude.  I see it going one of two ways.  Either Jack Crawford will die and Hannibal will dispose of the body, thus allowing him to continue with his cannibalistic murdering ways, or the jig will finally be up and Hannibal will be forced to flee.  Either way, this will be a massive game changer and I hope that the path that leads up to it is as exciting as the end result.

What are your predictions for the season?  Does this ruin the surprise for you or does it make you more excited?  Will Jack die or will the jig finally be up for our charming murderer?  Let us know below.

Author: Angel Wilson

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3 thoughts on “First Two Minutes of “Hannibal” Season 2 Released

  1. This just gives even more credence for my theory that show!Crawford will be the one that busts the Ripper case wide open. I hope that they still tie Will in somehow. Can’t wait for Thursday!

    1. It’s on Friday not Thursday! Sorry to make you wait another day lol.

      You could be onto something with the Jack thing… if he survives. That injury was pretty horrible. Things are not looking good. 🙁

    2. Ok so I’m rewatching season 1 and Miriam Lass says that Crawford will catch him. FORSHADOWING MAYBE

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