Gail Simone Is Poking Food Brands On Twitter To Ask: Marvel or DC?

Gail Simone Marvel or DCGail Simone’s Twitter is one of the most bingeable accounts around. Between talking about the Catalyst Prime Universe, trolling Comicsgate creeps, and speculating about kaiju’s “bathing suit areas”, there’s always something going on. Today she’s been hitting up everyone’s favorite food Twitters to ask the eternal question: Marvel or DC?

Here’s what happened to start the days-long ‘Marvel or DC’ debate: Simone took a break from a great thread on where to start with the Catalyst Prime Universe to post this thought about food brands and comic villains:

Gail Simone's Twitter Marvel or DC

Somehow that turned into Simone tagging food brands to ask a question as beloved in the geek community as the “Trek vs Wars” debate: Marvel or DC? She tagged a lot of food accounts.

Gail Simone marvel or dc
A lot, you guys. Gail Simone is nothing if not thorough in her whimsy.

It should come as no surprise that some brands started to Tweet back. Gail Simone is a comic giant with a huge body of work and an active fanbase. Plus, Brand Twitters have been cultivating personalities for a while as a way to connect with social media-savvy customers.

Results have been mixed… but this was a riot. Wendy’s came in swinging hard with a one-word reply: “Marvel.” (They did backtrack enough to point out that people can like ‘Marvel AND DC’, not just ‘Marvel OR DC’.)

Simone (like us) was delighted over Wendy’s instinctive Marvel-love. She geeked out with the restaurant’s account over a couple days until they wound up planning metaphorical digital slumber parties.

Marvel was also feeling the Wendy’s love.

Meanwhile, other brands began weighing in. Simone’s followers had been tagging their own favorite food accounts to get a ‘Marvel or DC’ vote. Things got… a little one-sided.

Roy Rogers was feeling themselves.

Speaking of feelings, DC had some.


But they weren’t going totally unloved. Potbelly at least digs some DC mixed with their Marvel.

And AriZona gave props to the undeniably timeless DC characters.

Some brands weren’t taking sides in the ‘Marvel or DC’ debate, especially- big surprise- Little Debbie.

Snack cakes apparently have strong opinions about this, too, because they went a step further:

As much wisdom as they have calories, I guess.

Other brands have been voting over the last day or two. Head over to Gail Simone’s Twitter to check out the latest standings and tag your favorite brands to join in- or just let us know who you think they’d vote for!

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