Gotham 2×10 Review: The Son of Gotham


“The Son of Gotham” was definitely one of the stronger episodes of the second season of Gotham. Not only did it progress the main plot, it also allowed Baby Bruce and Kitty Selina to team up. The episode also showed Baby Bruce take a few steps closer to his Batman persona, and with the mid-season finale next week, I’m looking forward to how the plot threads come together.

Upon entering Gotham, the religious sect of the Galavan family immediately initiated their plan to cleanse the city of its sins and bring about their own rule. The episode also opened up with their first blood sacrifice. The Batman comic book series have a lot of dark themes, and it was good to see the TV show follow suit. James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey spent most of the episode trying to uncover the mystery behind The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas, but it felt more like a distraction from the bigger game in play.

I also liked the way the episode focused on Gordon as a character. A lot of times TV shows forget to follow-up on the emotional state of their characters, and Gotham felt like fresh air this week. Understandably Gordon felt bad about his decision to not kill Eduardo Flamingo, especially when it led to the death of a GCPD member in the previous episode. Gordon has gone through a lot this season, trying to maintain a delicate balance of morals in a moral-less city like Gotham, and I’m looking forward to how that plays out. We know he won’t ever turn evil, but it is good to see a hero not be painted as Mr. Goody-two-shoes.

No matter how hard Gordon tried to keep Galavan behind bars, it didn’t work out in the end, as he was freed because of corruption within the justice system. Galavan blamed everything on Gordon and got him captured for torture. I wasn’t expecting Theo to be such an expert hand-to-hand combatant. He took down Gordon without breaking a sweat while wearing a suit! Now I’m worried who will be able to take him down during the final confrontation. Perhaps Alfred? He kind of held his own against Tabitha even though he sustained some injuries during the process.

vlcsnap-2015-11-24-20h05m01s39Coming to the best part of the episode, Baby Batman (David Mazouz) and Kitty Kat (Camren Bicondova) came up with an elaborate plan to extract information from Silver St. Cloud. The whole thing was just awesome to witness. Just like in the comics, Bruce and Selina make a formidable team. I was impressed by the acting skills of all the young talent this week. Bruce went from a crying kidnapped boy to master manipulator in mere minutes. But it was Silver (Natalie Alyn Lind) who won in the acting department. Once she realized that Bruce wasn’t in hearing distance she showed her true colors and threatened the kidnapper. She is not a kid to be messed with.

I was a bit disappointed that Kat and Silver didn’t throw down. Maybe I’ll get my wish next week?

Also did Baby Bruce confess his love to Kat this week? I do think so and I’m more than happy about it. Batman/Catwoman is one of my OTPs, and seeing it play out on TV is more than I could ask for. While their little scene was enjoyable, it also foreshadowed Bruce’s eventual change into a caped crusader who wasn’t open to showing affection so willingly.

In the end, Galavan broke into the Wayne manor and told Bruce he wanted him dead. My prediction is that Gordon will have to team up with The Penguin to fight Galavan. In fact, he would need a small army to battle the Order of St. Dumas. The religious fanatics don’t even feel pain!

What did you think of “The Son of Gotham”? Will the Order of St. Dumas take over Gotham? Let us know.

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