Gotham 2×11 Review: Worse Than a Crime


I really enjoyed the midseason finale of Gotham, and I can’t wait for it to come back. “Worse Than a Crime” showed some major characters coming together to get rid of the current villain and also brought to close the major first arc revolving around the Order of Saint Dumas.

Bruce being kidnapped by Theo Galavan brought a lot of characters, both good and bad, together to take him down. James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) finally teamed up with Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). Gordon also had to decide what to do with Theo. A part of him wanted to kill Theo, while the other part wanted him to do it by the book and arrest him. Gotham has done an excellent job with Jim’s characterization this season. We all know that he won’t become an all-out vigilante, but seeing him conflicted about what he wants to do and what he should do is a treat to watch and gives his character a lot of layers.

Even Theo made fun of Jim’s inability to kill him, and it was Penguin who made him realize that Theo needed to be killed for the greater good. I actually found myself siding with Penguin during the argument. If Jim had only arrested Theo, a public figure with a lot of money and power, he would’ve been running scott-free before his feet even reached prison. Realizing Penguin’s point led to Jim taking Theo away from the city and finally putting a bullet through him. So, is Theo dead? Well, more on that later.

The best part of the episode was definitely seeing Baby Bruce not feeling afraid even though he knew he was about to be sacrificed. He kept his cool, and I could see a lot of Batman in him during the scenes. He didn’t even let Silver trick him again. While the show has taken a lot of liberties with the source material, it is a good thing the writers have presented the current child version of Bruce Wayne as someone who you could see becoming Batman in the future.

vlcsnap-2015-12-01-20h04m41s177Coming to Silver, she had a lot to do this week. I know she’s from the Dumas family, but I don’t think she’s an actual cold-hearted killer in the making. She has compassion, and I have a feeling she and Bruce will cross paths again soon enough. I still need a Selina and Silver showdown though!

The final confrontation between Team Save Baby Bruce vs. Order of Saint Dumas ended a bit too quickly for me. I was expecting more hand-to-hand combat during the fight. Alfred was still a formidable force even when injured. However, it was Kitty Selina that surprised me. I remember Gordon, a trained cop, having a hard time taking down a single follower of St. Dumas, but Selina took them down like flies. Not only that, she also knew about a way to get into Galavan’s tower. I don’t care if Selina’s exceptional fighting skills came across a bit unrealistic, because she is Catwoman and Catwoman has always been awesome! Keep using her as a deus ex machina. I don’t care!

The end of the midseason premiere was where the writers showed all the good stuff, stuff that would ensure viewers came back after the break. Theo’s dead body was seen being sent to Indian Hill. Now was it just me or did I see Fish Mooney’s body in one of the cylinders as well? Is Dr. Hugo Strange thinking of creating a meta-human army with his current test subjects? Because that would be cool.

The episode ended with a man being frozen to death by someone who is supposedly Mr. Freeze. I’m not really into his current look because he came across more like Captain Cold than Mr. Freeze. Maybe he’ll get into a freak accident when the season returns and then come out as the famous villain? Whatever the case, knowing that new threats are coming to Gotham is exciting.

What did you think of “Worse Than a Crime”? Did you enjoy the midseason finale of Gotham? Will Barbara be happy about Jim’s and Leslie’s upcoming wedding? Let us know!

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