Gotham 2×12 Review: Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze

Gotham season two brought the chills coming back after its mid-season break. We got to know more about the titular character in ‘Mr. Freeze’, and saw the creepy Dr. Hugo Strange.

A few weeks have passed since Gordon and co. saved Baby Bruce and Penguin killed Theo Galavan. It was understandable seeing Gordon be called in for questioning in ‘Mr. Freeze’. He lied a lot and it was clear that the interrogators didn’t believe him, especially Harvey Dent and Barnes. While I enjoy seeing Gordon juggling with his morals throughout the story, we are yet to witness him answering for his crimes. There’s still a lot of season two left and maybe we’ll see that near the finale. However, a few hints regarding his actions coming to haunt him would be nice. He needs to own up to his deeds and decide how he wants to handle things being part of the G.C.P.D.

With Penguin out of the picture, Butch became the king of Gotham. He also has a drill for a hand now which was the hilariously villainous thing I expect from this show. The over-the-top villains make Gotham great. One can’t do this series justice unless they embrace the craziness from the source material. Tabitha also sided with Butch and we saw Kitty Selina spying on them. I missed seeing more of her and Baby Bruce, and I hope that changes soon as the story progresses.

Coming to the main plot of ‘Mr. Freeze’ we got to know about Victor Fries who froze people in order to help his ill wife Nora. He wasn’t necessarily shown to be an evil guy like the rest of the villains this season but he was still dangerous. I have to applaud the makeup and CGI department. The scene where one of his test subjects melted away was disgustingly awesome.

Victor also caught the attention of Dr. Huge Strange, a role that B.D. Wong did justice to. He was creepy in every scene, and you could tell other characters should not mess with him. He’s also the one who’s been running weird experiments at Indian Hill.

Not a lot happened this week expect for the plot setting things up for future episodes. I was expecting something more considering this was the mid-season premiere.

What did you think of Gotham this week? What is Dr. Strange planning at Indian Hill? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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