Teen Wolf 5×19 Review: The Beast of Beacon Hills

The Beast of Beacon Hills Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf brought the action in ‘The Beast of Beacon Hills’, and it seems that we really did get to know the identity of the Beast last episode regardless of the way the reveal was handled. Let’s bite in!

I was worried about Corey taking Mason back to Theo or the Steampunk Doctors when they ran away from Scott. Instead he kept Mason hidden. I guess those two really do love each other. However, the Steampunk Doctors attacked and took Mason away, which was expected, but it was nice to see Corey try and put up a fight for his man. I’m not sure yet, but I think Corey will play a part in bringing Mason back from becoming the Beast of Beacon Hills.

While I get that Teen Wolf hasn’t necessarily killed off major villains, I hope that Mason does end up dying. The fact that Sebastian showed up makes it clear that Mason’s no more. But then again it is Teen Wolf and the writers might find a way to reverse the effects and not worry about making sense.

Scott’s pack was more or less divided throughout the episode. Lydia was all about bringing Parrish back while the rest were busy searching for Mason. Theo, on the other hand, tried to make a member of his pack put on the Doctor’s mask. Deucalion revealed some backstory regarding the mask, which made use of electromagnetic waves. We’ve known for a long time that the Doctors make use of frequencies, and that’s why I can’t understand why Kira hasn’t had more to do. Her lightning Kitsune powers make her a very effective weapon against the Doctors, and seeing her in the background for most of the season makes no sense to me. She should’ve been front-and-center from the start. She did drive off to seek help from the Skin walkers, so hopefully we’ll get to see her do something impressive in the finale.

Demon Wolf The Beast of Beacon HillsTheo and Scott also had a little talk about whether or not the True Alpha can go through the current ordeal without killing. I really want Scott to kill someone. He let Deucalion live and look at how that turned out. Scott can’t expect to keep letting villains go after making them promise they won’t do anything bad. That’s not how being a hero works. Seeing Scott own the responsibility he has been given is one of the reasons I want him to kill Mason.

Malia and Braeden spent most of the episode waiting for the Desert Wolf. Now, I’m not sure how it looked to the rest of the viewers, but seeing Tracy break the mountain ash barrier made it seem as if Deucalion had planned the whole thing from the start. Is he in cohorts with the Desert Wolf or does his plan involve taking Malia’s power for himself?

More thoughts and questions:

  • Was I the only one who thought the scene where Baby Selena Gomez and Liam held hands in order to run through the forest together felt out of place?
  • What did #SexyBeast even mean during the fight between Scott’s pack and the Doctors?
  • How come the Steampunk Doctors are now speaking in sentences that actually make sense?
  • Did the Beast really kill the Doctors?
  • When did Sebastian get a haircut?
  • With smart brains like Lydia, Stiles, and Kira in the pack why didn’t the teenagers go through hospital records of people who might have swallowed their twin in the womb? The fans have been theorizing that for quite some time now, and one of the mentioned three characters should’ve reached the same conclusion.
  • Will the Teen Wolf season five finale help with the low ratings?

What did you think of Teen Wolf this week? Do you want the Beast of Beacon Hills to die? Let us know!

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2 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 5×19 Review: The Beast of Beacon Hills

  1. I love how Kira leaves right before the season finale. Why?! Then again, her character has been screwed since S4 so I am not surprised. This makes me wonder about Arden Cho’s contract since Shelley gets more screentime than her and Arden has been there longer.

    Also, Braeden throwing a gun at Stiles was not only not funny but irresponsible. That scene pissed off a lot of gun owners I noticed.

    And Poor Dylan O’ Brian. I feel like that they don’t know what to do with him anymore.

    Also, what are your thoughts on Malia? I feel like they wrote her character into the show but it feels so forced.

    1. While Kira might come back in the finale, I do think she’ll leave again with the skinwalkers for the foreseeable future, because the writers have no idea what to do with her anymore, which doesn’t make sense, because she’s a character with the most rich mythological background.

      I didn’t mention the gun throwing scene because that would’ve led into a whole other post. It was meant to be a joke but it felt stupid. As far as my head canon is concerned, Brae is just bitter towards Stiles due to the fact that Derek could never be completely with her because he’s still in love with Stiles ;)…and yes, the writers have forgotten about Stiles since S4

      Malia would’ve been a character with potential if her character wasn’t introduced the way she was. The whole Eichen House thing was horrible. And even now, her problem with the Desert Wolf seems so distant from the main pack, and the writers had to throw in ‘Stiles might get kidnapped’ thing to make it connect.

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