Hit the Floor 3×8 Review: ‘Upset’

Hit the Floor Zero and Jude ‘Upset’

This week’s episode of Hit the Floor titled ‘Upset’ did just that to the story. With the shocking plot twist at the end and the return of a formidable opponent, the finale is bound to be explosive!

Ahsha is a mess. She’s a great example of someone who just can’t decide what they want in life. She has been constantly jumping between German and Derek since the season’s premiere, and German being sent to prison in ‘Upset’ hasn’t helped either. Instead of letting him go, she became more passionate towards him even though she decided to stay with Derek. To make things tougher for her, German announced his endless love for Ahsha in court. On one hand, she is loved by a murderer who became a murderer because of her in the first place, and on the other hand she has a basketball star who won’t let her go. As far as I’m concerned, she needs to let go of both male love interests in her life and focus on herself for a while. I don’t know if German will survive being attacked by Chase, but the whole incident is just going to make Ahsha feel sorry for him.

Raquel’s storyline also progressed this week. Her heart condition was talked about again, and it turned out to be quite serious. She only has a few weeks to live. I don’t know why the show wants to get rid of Raquel. I enjoyed her being a part of Kyle’s life even though she couldn’t dance as a Devil Girl anymore.

Jelena finally met with her father and I instantly hated him. He’s a character who used to physically abuse his wife and traumatized Jelena. Instead of apologizing for his past actions, he outright told Jelena to let go of her issues and focus on the future.  Jelena looked awesome when she spoke her heart out in front of her father and cut him out of his life. She also proceeded to mend things with her mother. However, Jelena’s victory was short-lived because her doctor told her she couldn’t become pregnant. I felt for Jelena in the scene. She had finally worked out her past troubles but now faced a biological hurdle she couldn’t do anything about. With Raquel about to die, will Jelena and Terrence decide to take care of her child?

German confessing his crimes at the police station cleared Sloane’s name. She immediately came for Lionel because she had publically called her a murderer. Lionel did try to apologize to Sloane after being advised to do so by Jude, but Sloane didn’t accept. Instead she maximized her efforts to overthrow Lionel’s command over the Devils. With Lionel having no one else to turn to, and thinking that Jude didn’t trust her either, she helped Oscar out of jail. I knew Oscar was going to come out this season! We can expect all kinds of dangerous games from him. I am excited and worried.

Zero being Jude Wifey in Hit the Floor ‘Upset’ Coming to Zude in ‘Upset’, Jude and Zero didn’t have much screentime this week. But it doesn’t matter because all of their scenes proved that they were probably the most stable couple on this show. In order to help Lionel and his business, Jude decided to talk to one of the board members. This led to Zero tagging along with Jude as his trophy wife. The whole scene played out in a very comedic manner, and I enjoyed it a lot. It was nice seeing Zero being comfortable with playing a game he wasn’t good at just to help Jude. He even stood up for Jude in front of Lionel and laid down the facts about the Devils being part of Jude’s family legacy. Those two need to get married already!

We also saw Zero asking for Jude’s help to find his sister. I don’t know if she is going to be a whole new character or someone we are already familiar with. Only time will tell. I’m more worried about Jude’s safety now that Oscar is out of jail.

Quote of the week: “Wifey came through!” – Zero to Jude.

What did you think about Hit the Floor this week? Did you enjoy ‘Upset’? Let us know!

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