James LaRosa Answers Major “Hit The Floor” Zude & Dersha Questions After BET Cancellation

James LaRosa Hit the Floor Season 5 ending Zude Dersha
James LaRosa Hit the Floor ending (Image: @jameslarosa)

I’m sad to share that the amazing Hit the Floor TV series won’t be getting a new home on a different network after BET decided to cancel it after the fourth season. However, in good news, James LaRosa fulfilled his promise and allowed fans to know what happened to their favorite characters. Dersha and Zude fans better get ready!

Hit the Floor aired for three seasons and a special on VH1. Not wanting the story to end, the fandom came together for a renewal campaign. BET picked up the series for an eight-episode fourth season, after which the network decided to cancel the show.

With the current streaming services around us, fans hoped the show would get picked up again. James LaRosa assured everyone he was trying his best. However, the business has its own set of rules, and LaRosa has now announced Hit the Floor will not be returning.

The fourth season introduced new characters and ended on a cliffhanger. Of course, the fandom needed answers, and I’m glad LaRosa didn’t leave us hanging. He shared the information on Instagram.

The main characters aren’t willing to let the Devils go. Turns out Jamie is able to come to the good side due to Pax’s love. London did hit Pastor Curtis, but he is alive. She realizes she won’t be able to get rid of him. So, she runs away and leaves Derek, but don’t worry because Ahsha comes back. Queen Jelena comes to everyone’s rescue because she is freaking Queen Jelena!

Zero, Sloane, and Terrence return, too. Yay!

Derek and Ahsha marry and have a son. Zero and Jude marry and have a daughter. Jelena and Terrence get back together, too. Ugh! My feelings!

It is all around a wonderful conclusion. I’m happy my wishlist came true.

While I’m glad about it all, I can’t help but think how things would have gone differently if certain acting talent refused to return.

But you know what? Let’s just enjoy the ending and appreciate LaRosa for being an awesome showrunner.

I have seen a number of showrunners ignore and even fight the fandom (especially fans wanting better queer representation). LaRosa is a wonderful example of a show creator understanding his fandom and maintaining a good relationship with them.

I look forward to seeing what LaRosa will create next. If it is anything like Hit the Floor, I’m so here for awesome twists, the drama, a diverse cast, well-written queer representation, and fleshed out characters.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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