Hit the Floor 3×9 Review: ‘Loss’

Hit the Floor Raquel in ‘Loss’

This week’s episode of Hit the Floor was emotionally draining for me. No wonder it was titled ‘Loss’.

‘Loss’ was all about Raquel and her heart condition. I don’t know why the show wanted to make viewers emotional, especially when next week is the dreaded season finale. What are you trying to do to us, Hit the Floor?

Raquel’s heart condition was revealed this season, but I had no idea it was going to progress at such a fast pace. I thought she would have more time to settle her affairs. While Kyle tried to lighten the mood with her personality, it was clear that this was the end for Raquel. I loved how all the Devil Girls came together to perform a dance routine inspired by the story Raquel read to her son. Not only that, the girls also remembered Stephanie Moseley during the dance.

Raquel shared some sweet moments with Ahsha and Jelena during ‘Loss’. She remembered her time with Ahsha when she came to try out for the Devil Girls, and she understood the predicament Jelena was in. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been rooting for Jelena this season. She might have a very tough exterior, but the current season has helped viewers dive deeper into her personality. I really want her to talk with Terrence about her medical condition that makes it tough for her to become pregnant.

Talking about Terrence, I loved his line about having a boy or girl with Jelena and not caring if the child they have grows up to play ball or dance regardless of gender. Such little moments just add to the queer representation Hit the Floor already has.

While Raquel was the focus in ‘Loss’, a lot happened with the rest of the cast as well. German wanted to take his own life because he didn’t want to spend twenty years in jail. However, he seemed to be talked out of it by Raquel while recovering from his surgery. Derek also helped him understand that taking his own life would be detrimental to Ahsha.

Jude and Zero in Hit the Floor ‘Loss’With Oscar out of jail, you can be sure the finale is going to be a nail biter. Lionel couldn’t keep him on a leash, which was expected, and he immediately took away all control from her. The only reason I’m worried about Oscar roaming free is because Jude will have to face his father’s revenge. It wasn’t made clear what he’s going to do to Jude, but you know it’s going to something bad. Oscar also made his intentions clear regarding another character. He’s determined to kill Sloane, and the look on Lionel’s face was a clear indication that she had bitten off more than she could chew. To think that she could control Oscar was very stupid of her.

Zero also made some progress with regards to finding his sister. I don’t know if she’s going to be some character we’ve already seen or someone entirely new. With the way things go on Hit the Floor, you can’t be sure if the woman who does show up will actually be Zero’s sister and not an imposter.

Quote of the Week: “One moment doesn’t define you. The people around you define you. And you’re loved” – Raquel to German.

What did you think of Hit the Floor this week? How do you feel about Raquel dying in ‘Loss’? Are you ready for the finale? Let us know!

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