Hit the Floor 3×7 Review: ‘Killer Crossover’

Zude Hit the Floor ‘Killer Crossover’

With only three more episodes of Hit the Floor left this season, we got some great character moments in this week’s episode titled ‘Killer Crossover’.

Ahsha finally decided to be with Derek. I still don’t know how their relationship is going to work out in the long run, but I guess choosing a non-murderer is a sane choice for Ahsha to make for now. German made me worry a lot in ‘Killer Crossover’. He’s a very emotional being, and I was expecting him to go and attack Derek or kill himself when he found Sloane’s gun. In the end, he did come clean about murdering Olivia in front of the police so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to him. For all we know, he might have planted the gun in Derek’s house to frame him, too.

Sloane and Pete spent most of the episode trying to find who really killed Olivia. She even went to meet Oscar in prison. He was also the one who gave her the hint about looking close to her own home. I don’t know how Oscar knew about German being the actual murderer, but their meeting just went to show that Oscar will be out for blood when he’s free.

Jelena and Terence’s trouble with Rennae’s pregnancy came to end this week. Jelena never bought her story, and she did everything she could to keep her plan to buy the Devils afloat. She even gave Ahsha captaincy of the Devil Girls. Kudos to Ahsha for making Jelena agree to accepting such a deal. You have fight fire with fire.

It was revealed that Rennae changed the results of the paternity test to get Terrence to be the father of her child. All of the drama was a setup for Jelena to make a decision about becoming a mother herself. Jelena has a lot of emotional baggage and while she has met her mother I’m excited to see how the meeting with her father goes.

Kyle’s side-story kind of spun out of control in ‘Killer Crossover’. I don’t know how she thought burning the car herself would work because a few forensic tests would be enough for the police to tell it wasn’t an accident. Also, nothing bad should happen to Raquel. She needs to stay alive on this show!

Zude Hit the Floor ‘Killer Crossover’Coming to Zero and Jude this week, they didn’t get a lot of screen time but we did get to know more about Zero, and a very sweet Zude scene. Zero has never been open about his emotions, and Jude wanted him to let it all out. I love seeing a smart Jude. He knew about the buttons he needed to push to get Zero to open up. He is Oscar’s son after all, and while he uses his intellect for good, you can tell he has the potential to become just like his father if he decides to go bad. That is why I want Jude to be more proactive in keeping the Devils under the Kinkades’ control. I want him to tell everyone, even his father, that he’s not someone you should mess with.

After Zero let out all his frustration we got a Zude scene that most definitely made hearts skip a beat. It was perfect! I didn’t want it to ever end!

We also got to know about Zero having a sister named Laura. There’s also a very good chance we’ll get to see her soon enough. Fingers crossed she has little kids, and decides to give one or more to Zero and Jude to take care of. I really want to see Zude trying to look after a child, and hopefully become fathers in the future.

Quote of the Week: “If you’re relying on exercise and men wanting to touch you I imagine it’s pretty quiet for you.” – Sloane to Oscar.

What did you think of Hit the Floor this week? What will happen to German now? What will Oscar do if he gets out? Let us know!

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