iZombie at SDCC: A Chat with Rose McIver


At San Diego Comic-Con I had a chance to sit down at the iZombie roundtables with the cast and creators.  Rose McIver, who plays lead character Liv Moore, offered up some insights into her character and her hopes for the future of the show.

I think really the scene, the flashback, you only really get a glimpse of who she was. […] Things were looking good in her life. She’s very hard-working, and kind, and loving. [But when] you’ve gone through something that has been life-altering, you’re able to mine a whole different part of your personality. That complexity that I think has come out of her is now what she’s finding. It’s been very interesting. I think she’s a lot braver. She has a self-awareness and a cynicism that I find kind of endearing.


Clive Babineaux is one of the only significant people in her life – besides her family – who doesn’t know that she’s a zombie. So there are a lot of people who she has really complex relationships with, I mean she’s begging forgiveness. […] Major and Peyton both feel very betrayed by her hiding it.  […]   I think if she’s able to win back forgiveness from any of these people, hopefully she stays malleable and open.

Rose also offered hints at what may be coming in the second season, which match closely with what David Anders hinted at in our chat with him.

The one interesting thing to me with Blaine and Major, who have both now been cured, it’s a very untested cure, and we don’t know exactly what ramifications there might be.

This also jives with the “Blaine is going to play a huge role in season 2” theory I have based on the other interviews.  Whatever bad stuff happens to Blaine could very well happen to Major as well.  This ups the stakes for the second season and, despite my initial misgivings about Major as a character, has me deeply intrigued.


Author: Angel Wilson

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