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  • Malcolm Goodwin Interview at Dragon Con: A Beautiful Mind

      As far as meeting and interviewing guests at conventions goes, Malcolm Goodwin has been one of my white whales, so to speak. I fell in love with him as an actor over his role of Detective Clive Babineaux on iZombie and was honored to interview him at Dragon Con 2019. -Read our before commenting. […]

  • Dragon Con 2019 Roundup: What’s a Little Brains Between Friends?

    Yeehaw, friends and foes, it’s that time again – the Dragon Con 2019 Roundup! Hold on to your hand sanitizer, your White Claws, and definitely don’t hold onto the hand rails, kids! -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary

  • iZombie 5×13 Review: “All’s Well That Ends Well”

    After five seasons, our favorite zombie show has run its course. “All’s Well That Ends Well” was a surprisingly action-packed series finale for iZombie that tied up pretty much every loose end and had about as satisfying of an end as possible. There were laughs, tears, gasps, and of course, the show had to get […]

  • iZombie 5×8 Review: ‘Death of a Car Salesman’

    “Death of a Car Salesman” hit a lot of positive notes for me this week with a really fun brain-of-the-week that both Liv and Ravi got in on, we got some intel on how exactly the zombie virus got started (or I should say, who started it), and for those who love Don-E, we got […]

  • iZombie 5×5 Review: “Death Moves Pretty Fast”

    With another Blaine-heavy episode under our belts, the big stories from this season so far–as well as some long lost past stories–are starting to converge as we move quickly toward the series finale of iZombie. “Death Moves Pretty Fast” was a rare episode where the major arcs were more interesting to me than the brain-of-the-week, […]