iZombie 5×11 & 5×12 Reviews: ‘Killer Queen’ & ‘Bye Zombies’

iZombie Killer Queen & Bye Zombies

I cannot believe that we are down to the very last couple of episodes of iZombie ever. As sad as I am about that, I am actually pretty happy with how “Killer Queen” and “Bye Zombies” both went down, and there is a lot to dissect in these stories. Even with all that was good, I still have no idea how this series is going to wrap up so quickly in one last episode.

Like the last review that I wrote (which was also a double review), one of these episodes was very heavy on the procedural brain-of-the-week story, whereas the other was pretty much completely the season-long arc. Both worked well for me in hitting the notes that I like. “Killer Queen” had some great single episode characters, and OMG the makeup was amazing. Although the characters were pretty generalized and tropey, it was just light enough to pair nicely with the season arc, even if the reason that was Gary killed was actually pretty heavy.

Blaine is now completely irredeemable in my book. Once Ravi actually found the Freylich kids (and the sheer number of them!) in “Killer Queen”, I knew that Blaine would find out about it, and that Don-E would feel the consequences. I hate that Blaine killed Darcy just to get at him, and I don’t think that my fave sidekick will make it to the end of the series (though we can all hope!). RIP Darcy.

iZombie Killer Queen
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I was not expecting to like “Bye Zombies” as much as I did, because it was a lot of the same old plotting by Martin and the getting tired humans versus zombie trope. However, there were so many great moments that made it all completely worth it. Who else teared up when Liv and Ravi were saying their goodbyes to Clive? I doubt it was just me. And the utter disappointment that Liv felt for Martin when she found out what he was really up to. And what about when Ravi finally got his full-on zombie rage fight at the CDC? I definitely could have seen “Bye Zombies” go into a two or even three episode arc, however, because having Liv, Ravi, and Clive all get to Atlanta and then back to Seattle in the same episode just seemed to go way too fast. I would watch an entire series of the three of them road-tripping across the country. 100 percent.

Speaking of 100 percent, that is how positive I am that Major will not survive till the end of the series. Even though I have been thinking this for a while, the kiss that he shared with Liv completely cemented that for me. The writers have killed off every boyfriend that Liv has had in this series, so it only makes sense that the two of them would reconcile right before the end–unfortunately it was too predictive for my taste, but we don’t have long to wait to see how it all plays out.

My distaste for both Enzo and Blaine at the end of “Bye Zombies” was palpable. I realize that Enzo has always been a bit fickle, but I really thought he had a bit more loyalty to Major (if not Fillmore Graves) than to just shoot him and leave him for dead, much less completely start a human versus zombie war. I am glad we don’t have to watch more of this unfold. And Blaine…well, my heart broke for Peyton because even though she loves Ravi, I truly believe that her feelings for Blaine were genuine, and I do think a little part of her thought he might have some good left in him. I don’t think Blaine will survive the end of the next episode either.

Since there is only one episode left of the entire series, I am feeling completely bittersweet (though mostly bitter because I love this show). iZombie has gotten a little predictable in season five, but I love the characters so much and will completely miss them. I am looking forward to seeing how the cure turns out and how the disbursement goes (because that is the direction I believe we are headed), and I really want everyone to have a happy ending. But this is iZombie, so I need to prepare myself for worst-case scenario.

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